By anditburnsburnsburns - 27/08/2013 18:13 - United States - Midlothian

Today, I was in a rush, so I was removing my nail polish while using the toilet. Everything was going fine, until I used the toilet paper in my hand to wipe. It was covered in nail polish remover. It still burns. FML
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jstorie95 8

Sounds like a pain in the ass


Ahhhhh!! Oh no!

Or peanut butter in my toothpaste

I had a friend prank me with alcohol wipes instead of Charmin wipes. It burns like hell.

I don't think anything quite burns like icy hot on the balls. Never again.

Well at least you've got no nail varnish down there then...

zahra_786 19

Haha your name matches your comment so nicely :p

jstorie95 8

Sounds like a pain in the ass

Ari1337 15


Either way I'm sure it hurts.

#30- Oh, I though we were talking about her feelings??!!

ohh you're so punny :P

Most likely ass. I don't know anyone who takes such a long time to pee that they could have time to remove nail polish. A poo on the other hand...

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Newflash: she had to wipe both. normally you pee before pooping.

Multitasking at its finest.

little_excel 5

My favorite quote "multitasking: the art of failing everything at once"

ravenevercross 19

It could be worse, could have been the other side.

I want a reasonable scenario explaining how that could happen.

@#16. News flash!! Women wipe.

21- I meant...I meant how it could have been the other side. Actually, I can think of one way, but she was in a hurry so I would assume she didn't

Ins0mau 20

24 - Women wipe both sides!

no multi tasking on the can!

Does that include blumpkins??

Then where would I actually play any games I downloaded on my iPod?

#23 wins the "Avatar Goes With the Comment" award for this thread.

myeviltwin 20

Especially blumpkins. Ewwww I am a guy and would never let a girl blow me while taking a crap. My ex, even after 8 years of living together was NOT allowed in the bathroom while I was taking a dump EVER. I wasn't even too thrilled about her being in there while I peed but hey compromise.

8 - Shhhh! What would happen to FML if users stopped viewing it on the can? (Besides fewer shitty comments?)

Well that took care of all the nail polish down there, too.

Ouch! Feel better dear