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Today, I was in a rush, so I was removing my nail polish while using the toilet. Everything was going fine, until I used the toilet paper in my hand to wipe. It was covered in nail polish remover. It still burns. FML
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I had a friend prank me with alcohol wipes instead of Charmin wipes. It burns like hell.

I don't think anything quite burns like icy hot on the balls. Never again.

Well at least you've got no nail varnish down there then...

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Haha your name matches your comment so nicely :p

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#30- Oh, I though we were talking about her feelings??!!

Most likely ass. I don't know anyone who takes such a long time to pee that they could have time to remove nail polish. A poo on the other hand...

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Newflash: she had to wipe both. normally you pee before pooping.

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My favorite quote "multitasking: the art of failing everything at once"

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It could be worse, could have been the other side.

I want a reasonable scenario explaining how that could happen.

21- I meant...I meant how it could have been the other side. Actually, I can think of one way, but she was in a hurry so I would assume she didn't

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Then where would I actually play any games I downloaded on my iPod?

#23 wins the "Avatar Goes With the Comment" award for this thread.

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Especially blumpkins. Ewwww I am a guy and would never let a girl blow me while taking a crap. My ex, even after 8 years of living together was NOT allowed in the bathroom while I was taking a dump EVER. I wasn't even too thrilled about her being in there while I peed but hey compromise.

8 - Shhhh! What would happen to FML if users stopped viewing it on the can? (Besides fewer shitty comments?)

Well that took care of all the nail polish down there, too.