By bad luck Bianca - 17/01/2015 22:30 - United States - Houston

Today, I saw a stick in my car and picked it up to throw it out the window. The "stick" turned out to have eyes. It was a dead lizard. FML
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and here I am wondering why this FML got more ydi...

You have to wonder how a dead lizard got inside your car.


I am hoping you weren't driving while this happened. I know if it were me, I'd freak out and perhaps swerve off the road :

Pull twigs off trees not the ground. Safest way.

This was a second post about a stick in the yard. The other was dry poop.

reread the fml it says it was in his car not the ground

sexy28 4

#20 if you paid attention instead of trying to correct him you'd realize he was relating this fml to a previous one yesterday.

iTzSelverZz 14

The lizard only wanted a home :(

who knew dead animals needed a place to live?

ThatLobster 24

Ew. Yuck op :P. This is the funniest thing I've seen all night!! I just hope you weren't driving.

I live in Australia, and trust me, there are way worser things you could pick up..

I couldn't help but notice that "worser"

brasiliano 16

Picking on people's grammar online? I'm sorry to interrupt were you still writing? I see no punctuation at the end of you sentence.

I don't intend to nag... but I didn't know politely correcting people on the net was a crime

It's really annoying, and conveys you have nothing better to do with your time.

@ #27 it's not like being on this site is particularly productive ;)

'You' ....

Yeah, I was expecting it to be a snake or something a little more deadly.

You got nothing on Australian wildlife, believe me, the spiders suck!!

I have a massive phobia of lizards and would prefer a spider :p

badluckalex 23

hell no **** spiders... you cant die from a lizard

squideth 18

Yes you can. Gila monster, Komodo dragon, all kinds of monitors can kill you... Also most spiders aren't especially dangerous to you unless you're allergic to their venom.

You have to wonder how a dead lizard got inside your car.

My guess is that it was alive when it got in there.

Yeah but you still have to wonder how it got in.

How adorable.

how could you not recognize a "stick" with tiny limbs

as stick is a limb. from a tree.

and here I am wondering why this FML got more ydi...

My thoughts exactly

Hive mind. It'll continue to get YDIs simply because it already has a bunch.

Sometimes I press YDI by mistake and then feel really guilty if the OP doesn't deserve it. First world problems...