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Today, I was taking an order for a patron at the casino. The policy is to "pay first." After explaining this to him, he still refused to pay. After years of being polite, I finally cracked and said, "You are making this really f-ing difficult". This particular patron was our CEO's son. FML
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Man that sucks. But the spoiled little **** had no reason to be rude. If he was the CEOs son he would've already known the policy. He was trying to get on your nerves for sure! Sorry OP. :(

I think "I can't serve you then" would have sufficed


Man that sucks. But the spoiled little **** had no reason to be rude. If he was the CEOs son he would've already known the policy. He was trying to get on your nerves for sure! Sorry OP. :(

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He probably knew the policy and was just trying to get a feel of the customer service at the casino.

Nah, he probably knew the policy but thought he could get away with it an anyway/have fun messing with people because he's the CEO's son.

YDI, being plain rude is never a good policy.

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ionno... OP said what i would have. I'd set security on him. It's his daddy's casino and he should know the policy. I hate spoilt arrogant brats!

I feel like you've never worked retail.

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Have you never worked in customer service? We always have to be nice and polite to customers even if they are extremely rude and impolite to us or else our job is on the line. I've had some serious assholes I've had to deal with.

"the customer is always right" unfortunately you have to abide by that rule.

"The customer is usually wrong but smile anyways" is the policy where I work.

"the customer comes first" is our policy. they may be wrong but you should be helping them the best you can.

I don't think you understand policies. I've been rude to customers that have been rude to me. The kid got what he deserved.

As a matter of fact, I did. No matter how rude the customer is, you ought to remain polite and professional. Obviously, the OP failed to do so, thus it is a clear YDI - although, looking at all the downvotes, people do not seem to see it that way.

I honestly disagree. While being rude isn't always the best option, I would have cracked too. The guy was being plain stubborn and obnoxious and he had no right to be, especially since OP was actually trying to stay considerate. The customer was at fault here.

That is true but there's only so much one can take before the urge to slap a bitch takes over

Ouch. You should've just mentioned you can't serve him or get a manager.

I think "I can't serve you then" would have sufficed

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Some people can't even understand that part. I had someone approach me at the library information desk at work today, and he demanded several times that I fix his computer, as if sitting behind the information kiosk to tell people the library hours magically gives me the training to diagnose and fix computer issues. Turns out, that magical power exists only behind the computer help desk, which I had to explain to him several times before he finally got the hint.

YDI all the way. No matter how difficult the costumer is being he/she is always #1. I hope you end up keeping your job though, because everyone breaks once in a while. It was just bad luck for it to happen with the ceo's son.

If he's the CEOs son he should have money.

Okay, but some people just enjoy being difficult.

He is saying the the wealthy little anus-tart shouldn't have caused so much distress over paying up front. While I agree that the way business works these days is that the customer is always right, I dream of a world where there is more pressure on customers to actually be right rather than acting like entitled little preschoolers who get whatever they want.

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If you can't take it, don't do it.

I'm thinking OP probably needs to do it for boring things like food and bills.

It's always the important ones that do as they please. Remember that in future jobs. Oh, who an I kidding. With that guy's connections, you'll never work in that town again.

Never work in that town again? Slightly dramatic. He was the CEO's son, not the President.

We live in a world where everyone thinks they're important.

Op forgot that everyone is a special flower who must get their way and never be told that they aren't perfect

Guess the joke bombed. And a CEO's son could basically run a small town.

You should know that you shouldn't curse at customers. It's just common sense..

Common sense goes out the window when you finally crack after years of forcing a straight face with stupid, rude, obnoxious, entitled customers.

YDI .. You should have had shoot him or beat him down at least .. XD

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