By HoobidibooFox - 13/11/2014 22:26 - United Kingdom - Coseley

Today, I found out the one good thing about having fat rolls: when someone walks in on you sitting on the toilet, they hide your private parts. FML
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Steven696 6

The half glass full approach, I like it


maybe it was broken. I've literally been in a public restroom where every single lock was broken, but I have pushed my foot against the door too, to avoid being walked in on.

I had someone slide under the locked door and halfway into the stall with me before realizing it was occupied.

I've been to one where there were no doors... Crazy

SalsaVerdeDonut 22

The boys locker room at the middle school I went to didn't have doors on the stalls. And yes, guys did take ***** in them. All the time.

is it weird that even in public restrooms I always knock before going into a stall?

Haha I suppose they would. That sounds embarrassing though, OP. :/

That might of been punny if you didn't feel the need to point your (quite sad) joke out with ""these"" or by doing THIS...

And if not for the fact that every variation of that pun has been posted here 6374 times already.

you mean quotation marks and using capital letters?

I almost feel like fat rolls that large would be more alarming...

how large do you think fat rolls need to be to cover a ******? OP is a girl.

Steven696 6

The half glass full approach, I like it

jbombdighetty 11

why the downvotes on 35?I thought it was hilarious.

Well that must've been awkward. Good thing the rolls hid your private parts.. Consider locking the door next time will you?

Unfortunately they also hide your privates during other slightly more pleasant activities :(

that old fml "my boyfriend had to lift a roll to enter me" comes to mind.

Raxal 21

Assuming that the door didn't have a lock, hasn't the person who entered ever heard of knocking before entering?

still not something you'd wanna see though, if someone walked in on that they'd probably be just as scarred

They must be pretty big then. Or your private parts might be small.

Not sure that's entirely a fair trade but whatever floats your boat. Nice to see you are staying positive.