By ForeverAlone - Canada
Today, I was at my cousin's house. We weren't spending time together because he was always texting. After a couple of minutes, I got jealous. I played a ringtone on my cell, and "answered" it. I had a whole conversation with nobody in an attempt to seem somewhat more popular than a 10-year-old. FML
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  CatEyes66  |  0

Okay, let me get this straight. She, an older female got jealous of a ten year old boy for texting. Wow, a "fake call." I don't normally put people down but that is pathetic. But it does get annoying sitting there while someone is texting and doesn't talk. Little sister does that to me all the time.

  sofitina  |  20

I know some people that have children with phones because they're divorced and want direct contact to the child, or because the child is in a lot of activities. (Sports, clubs, etc.)

By  feathers1000  |  2

So that would make you an older loser. Such a fragile ego at your age(??). Grow up tosser and remember this. You got owned by a 10yr old that doesn't want to actually spend time with you. Hahahahahaha