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  wallamanut  |  14

#18.... That just reinforces #16s comment. If you're not that good at English, then it's probably best to keep the autocorrect on for whenever you make a mistake.

  Ashd09  |  30

@18. you say on your Bio that you speak English fluently. Although I agree that they shouldn't try to make you turn on autocorrect, you probably need to think it through before you say you don't speak English well as an excuse for not double checking

  JayGatsby  |  25

#50, he says he can speak English fluently, not write it fluently. I'm the same way with my native language, so I can understand. Also, #38 download Swype, because it comes with autocorrect (I have a google phone too)

  theaaxis  |  27

18's got a bit of a point. If you scroll down, you'll see plenty of evidence. Native language aside, laziness and text speak are EVERYWHERE.

  lochiamochia  |  25

Just because OP's girlfriend cheated on him, there's no justice in getting revenge by spitefully sleeping with his girlfriend's friends or family. That's just using and manipulating those innocent friends and family for OP's own self-righteousness. It will place OP on the same level as his girlfriend.

If by sheer fate and good intentions, a relationship happened to develop between OP and a close friend or family member of his girlfriend's after he broke up with her then he's perfectly right in pursuing the relationship.