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By johnnycomehelpme - 14/11/2014 00:59 - United States - Skokie

Today, I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me. Her excuse? I was the one that had initially introduced them. FML
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Introduce her to the door and your foot to his ass. Red foreman style.

Introduce her to the curb, tell her she's free to hit it immediately!


#1, get ready for people who don't understand sarcasm :)

#1: Lol, is that what you call sarcasm? Try again, man.

#18.... That just reinforces #16s comment. If you're not that good at English, then it's probably best to keep the autocorrect on for whenever you make a mistake.

apple isn't the only company that has autocorrect and spell check .-.

#38, I'm not going to knock your grammar, but the definition of a ***** is someone who has sex for money. I think she sounds more like a **** :)

Ashd09 30

@18. you say on your Bio that you speak English fluently. Although I agree that they shouldn't try to make you turn on autocorrect, you probably need to think it through before you say you don't speak English well as an excuse for not double checking

#50, he says he can speak English fluently, not write it fluently. I'm the same way with my native language, so I can understand. Also, #38 download Swype, because it comes with autocorrect (I have a google phone too)

18's got a bit of a point. If you scroll down, you'll see plenty of evidence. Native language aside, laziness and text speak are EVERYWHERE.

people really don't understand sarcasm. she's a bitch for cheating

Introduce her to the door and your foot to his ass. Red foreman style.

Ihavegas 22

Obviously, go **** one of her friends and ask if it's ok.

That's one shitty excuse, though you could use it to revenge **** one of her friends

I hope op has met the family because that would open up a lot more opportunities :)

Marry her mother and get her pregnant. Its the perfect revenge.

Just because OP's girlfriend cheated on him, there's no justice in getting revenge by spitefully sleeping with his girlfriend's friends or family. That's just using and manipulating those innocent friends and family for OP's own self-righteousness. It will place OP on the same level as his girlfriend. If by sheer fate and good intentions, a relationship happened to develop between OP and a close friend or family member of his girlfriend's after he broke up with her then he's perfectly right in pursuing the relationship.

I was making a sarcastic and hyperbolic statement about #5's comment.

Never seen a better excuse... In all seriousness, sorry OP. There will be someone else who will treat you better.

Introduce her to the curb, tell her she's free to hit it immediately!

Dodge4x4Ram 46

the audacity, unbelievable how people can find righteous in the wrong decisions

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i feel your pain op. had the same happen to me. good luck finding another girl tho.