By Alex - 07/10/2010 10:10 - United States

Today, I noticed that my wife changed her status on Facebook to "widow" and a lot of strange guys commented saying stuff like "Finally." Last I checked, I'm not dead. FML
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I suggest you not eat her cooking and watch her carefully

OP, you should hide.


sorry to say, but you fail. try again next time

#15. you fail. so shut up.

hey #2, i like snsd too! ^^ haha

#38. you win Buddy!!!

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ur 2 like doo doo

LOL. I am sure I will be a good husband. are you single or...?

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Dude, don't say that! The other FMLers might attack you!

you badstard! how dare you moderate! idc if it is in you basic abilitys, you don't ever, EVER, moderate. (JP)


WTF does moderate mean?

killa, please don't speak my name in vain.

Actually, he said Badstard.

I am a child of the spell-check generation. though I usually get words right... anyways I apologise for almost using your name in vain. also thanks for not being an ass about my spelling error, I appriciate it.

*appreciate hehe :)

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19- I love your singamajig!!

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Apologize...appreciate. I think you fail.

Moderate in moderation.

OP, you should hide.

dude I agree. if she put that on there and people are saying "finally", they were either planning your death or it'd be a convience to them. watch out, so you don't get into any "accidents". seriously.

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You are gorgeous!

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5 is correct run change your name and face and move to Canada:)

161; where you talking to me?

I would look over my shoulder.. she's scheming something...


Watch your*

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There is nothing wrong with what he said.

Schizomaniac 24

And for some reason, my comment is here. *Siiiiiigh*


it's America i can say yer if I want(:

I suggest you not eat her cooking and watch her carefully

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super creepy

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you're creepy

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super creepy.

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she can see the FUTURE!

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double tap?

well time to go out and get yourself a newer model....