By AustrianCow - 22/12/2015 21:45 - Austria - Linz

Today, I wanted my boyfriend to meet my parents. My mum introduced herself as, "I'm Petra. I'm completely normal." FML
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I feel like I'm missing some important piece of information about this fml.


Even though your mom may have just tried to be funny, you should talk about it with her OP. Good luck

"Mom, never try to be funny in front of company." Yeah, that should go down well.

Well yah, its ok to be humorous, but there is such a thing as taking it too far

I don't think she took it too far. It wasn't rude, offensive, or even embarrassing. I would have just laughed.

I'd prefer those parents over ones that hate me just for the simple fact that I'm their boyfriend

And thinking how he couldn't live without her (him?) by his side.

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Spending nights thinking how she did him wrong?

And he grew strong, and learned how to get along.

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and so hes back, from outer space.

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she found him sitting there with that sad look upon his face.

Whoa slow down guys, I'm trying to keep pace.

I feel like I'm missing some important piece of information about this fml.

Simple. Mom's pretending to be a crazy person who thinks she's not. Or actually is crazy and thinks she's not.

I'm feeling like OP is a guy. That would make this FML make sense.

Ok, yeah there's that. Didn't even notice.

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It's from the show Jane the Virgin. Petra is the crazy expensive wife of Raphael

Idk, if my partner's parent said that to me I would've found it kind of cute and funny. Like they are trying to make a good impression and maybe got nervous. I sure as hell said things I regretted instantly.

That pretty embarrassing... However Some people get flustered when meeting someone new (especially a new boyfriend). I am sure you can all laugh and move on . :)

Ok, it's official…I'm going to introduce myself to any future boyfriends/girlfriends brought home to me by saying "hi I'm the crazy one"

Seems legit. I'd totally take her word for it.

That's hilarious! I would love to meet your mom!

Well at least she ain't un-normal like "Hi I'm Petra, I kill people"