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By  Zitho  |  0

No one could have possibly guessed that outcome. The clothes could easily be used somewhere else. There's nothing wrong with taking time to look presentable. The most I ask is that every one would shower but some people decide disgusting others is more important. Breaking Benjamin is a horrifyingly bad band.

By  Zitho  |  0

No one could have possibly guessed that outcome. The clothes could easily be used somewhere else. There's nothing wrong with taking time to look presentable. The most I ask is that every one would shower but some people decide disgusting others is more important. Breaking Benjamin is a horrifyingly bad band.

By  IpWarfare  |  0

Ummm why is this an fml?
the fact that hes blind or not doesnt mean
you shouldnt look professional.

What if you knew he was blind you woulda went in your shit stained undies a wife beater and a trucker hat?

In no way at all does this make your life suck
come on man

  Sonfang  |  19

In his orgional post you missed "doesnt" which should be "doesn't" but that's ok because his spelling is not the word I've seen.

But honestly OP, you should be professional weather the person can see or not. So really not a fml, and not a bad for you op!

  IpWarfare  |  0

Oh wow dude i hope so.
You were probably the coolest kid in school.
All the jocks looked at you and said
"Don't mess with that kid, he'll spell you under the table"

You probably also think its cool to be a virgin huh?

  IpWarfare  |  0

Omg really everyone is going to correct my spellin? Just because i said that it isnt funny that you shouldnt take a interview serious because the persons blind?

Maybe some of you should be blind.
Take away the simple pleasures like
correcting someones spellin?

Then maybe we could all laugh at you

  IpWarfare  |  0

At what point did i say its cool tht i wore a shoelace on my head?

Oh wait i didnt! So obviously you think i look cool with that shoelace(:

Thanks alot man!

Oh yea dude its called conditioner, then you woundnt have to hide your hair with that beany(:


  IpWarfare  |  0

Hahah good one am i a girl or do i need a haircut!!!!!!!
I get it cause no guy has ever had long hair

That was the most idiotic insult ever lol

So sorry but try again(:

  IpWarfare  |  0

Uhhh feels great?
Pretty much whatever you say i dont take in to consideration, cause i atleast am comfortable with the way i look enough to put up a pic people like you are to ashamed to show there face so you hide behind a default pic while insultin other people? just because you know that if you put your picture up it would end up in one of those fail vids on youtube(: so just because your ugly, dont take it out on me.

anything else you needed to say?

  IpWarfare  |  0

Hey doc we've been through this lmao.

You know what ive never said anything rude to you for you to be a bit*h to me

but i could easily be an ass right back too you. i could easily target your picture and the fact that bastard is in your name if you know what i mean.

but i dont, i just get on this to give my opinion. So correct away be a bitch because you were a loser in high school so you feel like you have to put down people that dont feel the need to spell everything out perfect.

and please if anyone else feels the need to be a douche to me, go for it

  DocBastard  |  38

The fact that you assume I was a loser in high school says a lot about you. You don't know a thing about me except that my grammar is proper.

But the fact that you would "target" a picture of my 4 year old daughter speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

You can rest assured that I won't be correcting you anymore, since it (and you) would clearly be a waste of my time. Good day, sir.

  IpWarfare  |  0

Thank you, Oh an i never said anything about your daughter? What were you thinking i meant? Kinda messed up...

But i can guarantee that you were a loser
cause losers nerds dweebs geeks and such all argue with "smarts" and knowing proper grammer isnt being smart, but its the way you use it to put other people down.

To be honest its a genuis way to argue, cause its your ballfield, but its uncalled for when the person did nothing to you.
So really it shows what kinda bitter lonely person you are or even were.

Was i close?


103 Being educated doesn't make you a pathetic loser, stop being mad because you can't understand (or spell, for that matter) words that are more than two syllables long. Sound it out, remember?

  IpWarfare  |  0

108 who are you?
try stayin out of random online arguements?
have you not read anything ive said?

people that are douches to random people online are losers...

So please read throughly before interupting(:

...oh and your a loser

  IpWarfare  |  0

Haha is that seriously all you got to say?
u mad? lmao

You are a douche lol
I dont even take your message into
consideration man
Its just your level of stupidity
Why would i be mad at the stupid shit you
say when ive had like 5 other people that
have been talkin shit to me, and you think you make me mad hahah
Stop giving yourself so much credit dude.

oh yea
You a fag?

  IpWarfare  |  0

My fuckin comments get moderated?
Who ever the moderators are for FML
Can suck my fucking dick, cause your all punk ass bitches with tiny cocks, who make up 50% of the fuckin BS on there site, and the only real reason they should ever post there own FML is over the size of there incompident penis. Which is the exact reason why they have so much time to make all there post, because having sex and getting pussy is a waste of time, and not for them, but for every lady that had the pleasure of getting rammed by a tootsie roll( the small ones). So if anyone here has ever wanted to work for FML. Well pull out your rulers cause there are some requirements, First lay your balls on the table. Now SMACK them with your ruler. Then measure your penis, and remember the smaller your penis the higher you will climb up the ladder. Thank you for reading this!

Oh yea one last thing FUCK YOU SMALL DICK BITCHES

  tbe99  |  2

What the hell? A blind person can conduct an interview just as well as anyone else. In fact, in some cases I would say a blind person could conduct a better interview - they wouldn't be concerned with what you look like, which would be nice if you had a job in which personal appearance was irrelevant.

I've had a friend get hired just because she was eye-candy for the boss. She was absolutely not qualified for the job, but she was chosen over people who were qualified because of her looks. Bet those people who didn't get the job would have appreciate a blind interviewer.