By Andy - 19/12/2016 12:38

Today, on my Facebook newsfeed, I noticed a photo of a coworker. In the comment section of the photo he and his wife had written "I love you" to each other. As a joke I commented "get a room". Turns out the woman with the same surname as my coworker wasn't in fact his wife, but his daughter. FML
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Lets just hope they don't take your advice.

Well, you didn't specify the room. They could simply get a living room, maybe chill and watch TV. No Netflix, though.


Well, you didn't specify the room. They could simply get a living room, maybe chill and watch TV. No Netflix, though.

Lets just hope they don't take your advice.

You can also delete the comment.

chessu 21

YDI. You may know the coworker (though, clearly not well enough to know who's his wife and who's his daughter; furthermore, you didn't even bother to click on the name to find out), but you definitely don't know the other person, so why would you make a joke that only really works if you're good friends with someone on social media?

Also, since when would someone say "I love you" on their parent's post, especially if they are a teenager? Teenagers don't usually display public affection towards their parents...

I'm guessing you don't? Nobody is gonna make fun of you if you say "I love you" publicly to your parents unless they are immature. I watched my sister grow up and she says "I love you" to my parents all the time both at home, online, and in public places during her teen years.

What teenagers have you been hanging around? It's so sad that parents and their children can't be affectionate towards each other without people thinking it's strange. I tell my parents, grandparents, even aunts & uncles that I love them publicly all the time, I don't see the problem with that. Especially if they're far away and you don't get to talk all that often, its important to let the people you care about know that you're thinking of them.

I know this is late, but who said she was a teenager?

That's 100% your fault. Don't assume things, especially on social media.

YDI, totally inappropriate... Unless, of course, the photo was of Donald Trump and Ivanka.

That whole "get a room" joke burned out years ago yet people with little to no original thoughts still use it. YDI.

Yikes. Something like this has happened to me before too, I laughed at a joke my stepdad made while we were out shopping and this woman turned to us and says "Wow, I can really feel the love between you two." She turned bright red when we told her I'm his daughter. Moral of the story, unless it's extremely obvious what someone's relationship is, it's best to keep your mouth shut to avoid embarassment.

Well you deserved it ...sorry