By sharni88 - / Friday 4 March 2011 07:13 / Australia
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  BelleElle_fml  |  5

"Today, while bored at work I was reading an article online about the local zoo and its animals. I received an email so quickly responded, but when signing off accidentally wrote "thanks giraffe" instead of "thanks heaps". To a really tall man who is insecure about his height. Who also outranks me. FML."

  OCDC  |  9

[generic comment about how only uneducated 5 year olds post the comments that every other country judges us and gives us crap about]

By  braunwynn  |  5

you totally deserved it. you left out the part where you called her a hippo in your head because you were thinking about the zoo and that she was fat, so you then wrote it in the message. Word of advice, proofread messages at work.

  Sadochan  |  0

Typical woman. Blame the man on an accident. But when a woman is in the wrong and puts it here, you immediately try to sympathize with her.

Get back in the kitchen.

  Blehhxx  |  0

I was typing really fast and it didn't come out right.
I meant write her back telling her it was an accident and why don't you learn proper English before insulting someone else.


Exactly! I bet this happened though:

"Oh shit, cancel, Cancel, CANCEL!!!!" *clicks a billion times*
Your message has been sent.

Could've been avoided if OP used gmail.