By CatLady - 06/01/2014 19:20 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I brought up the subject of marriage with my boyfriend. His response was to shoot me with a nerf gun and laugh. FML
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lol why do you judge someone after reading 2 sentences

I thumbed up your comment. Sorry for the accident.

#21: he shot her with a nerf gun after laughing about a matter that she wants to talk about

And did he just have a nerf gun armed and ready or did he sprint to his armory and select the gun that says, 'When hell freezes over'

challan 19

#21 this is fml... all we do is judge.

jazzy_123 20

1, or maybe he was just having a little fun...? Boys will be boys x)

Sure you want to spend the rest of your life with this kid, OP?

who knows OP could be 19. . . but if not and you are in your late 20s, dump his childish ass. He's not going to change.

You're right. OP should find a nice dull boring man that only concerns himself about bills and mortgages instead of someone who can make her smile and keep things new and exciting in the relationship.

Being willing to talk about something with your SO is not boring, it is considerate. On the same note, shooting them with a nerf gun is not "new" or "exciting", it is very immature.

And, 'I want sex' like a well placed crotch shot

"Nerf or nothing", That's what Obama says

I don't remember the Obama Party being endorsed by Nerf

He's a keeper! Sounds like fun! Are you guys still together.. Because if not...

zahra_786 19

Maybe it's best to let him grow up a little first then :P

C0M1C4L 9

shut up. you are never too old for nerf

That's true, but if he can't handle a serious conversation then he is not ready

zahra_786 19

I agree, nerf is awesome. .but maybe not as a reply to a marriage talk :p

I hate when comments like this get thumbed down. He was barely later. So most likely the first one hadn't been there when he started typing his.

yeah, 1 minute apart and it's more annoying that the chick that posted it first came to call out the person that posted it second.

rob02 19

probably not ready for that then

She probably shouldn't ask him while he was holding a nerf gun anyways :p

guyingr33n 6

I shoot scary things with Nerf guns too. I thought everyone did?

RedPillSucks 31

Nah! we use real guns. But I guess that would be a little tragic for OP.

He must've got somewhat a nerf to do that!

The scary thing is you either marry the person you date or break up and never see them again

This is irrelevant, but that is one of the most normal pictures I have ever seen of Nicki. She looks GOOD when she's not making a crazy face.

are you just figuring out that this is how relationships work? option #3 is "remain friends."

flashback.miss 28

How long have you two been together? shoot him with ice cold water :D

Your profile picture makes me cringe every time I see it. D: