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Today, my husband and I got into an argument. I tried to assault him with a laptop. He yelled, "Don't hit me with the computer." My apartment neighbor yelled through the wall, "Do what you gotta do, girl." FML
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You're on here bragging that you almost hit your husband with a laptop? Get some help, please.

If it was the guy hitting his wife with a laptop the comments would be much different


stewartdolan 0

That's more awesome than anything!

IndiRae 9

I imagined a big family of black people on the other side of the wall with their ears pressed up listening to the fight. Is that wrong? Oops.

Just remember the golden rule. Violence is always the answer!

cudi504 4

Yea in an argument always assault the other person with the most expensive thing you can find, that really helps the situation lol

KarateDom327 0

Nah it's not bad. I think that's what they prefer to entertain themselves with, at the moment. I do this all the time to my family.

Not wrong, just extremely sad. (-_-t)

spill the beans the phrase is funny haha

You might as well have threw a bunch of hundred dollar bills at him.... That'd teach him...

wow ... **** just burn in hell and go 2 jail !!!!!

Ahahaha. Creeper? But he/she's totally right. Don't be his bitch. You're with him. xD Good Luck.

But why would you choose a laptop over everything else in your apartment?

Soooo, did you hit him with it?! Yes? No?!

Fml makes no sense, sounds like they were on your side, this should be a fml from him not you...

How do you know that OP's husband was the one to blame for the argument? It could have been just as easily OP fault. And started the whole ordeal.

DarkMoon159 5

should have used something heavier

Desktop computer! She should have used a desktop computer. That's much heavier than a laptop.

Fuck it. Grab the 92 inch.

ATSViper 15

Would be hilarious to see.

Perhaps one of the weapons she's more accustomed to... A kitchen knife :3

Everything allowed in love and war (fights), right?

itsame0987 18

Not necessarily heavier, but there are better choices if you are going to attack him with electronics. Should have used an old Nokia or original Blackberry. Those phones can take a beating and still continue to work.

No! Not the laptop! Use a frying pan instead!

m0tl3ycru3 0

Cheaper and more effective xD

23- Hopefully you're not talking about the bail OP is going to need to pay after getting arrested for assault.

Way to think ahead, my friend. I for sure, was not thinking of that.

signuplogin 1

4- pic goes great with comment!

Arimaetheshammy 6

Your neighbor is win.

However, your comment is not...

Your grammar is not win

Your punctuation isn't either.

Im pretty sure the comma is meant to be there as im using the word however in conjunction with a sentence... Look it up before criticising my use of the english language

^^^ Lol... Calm down son. I wasn't talking to you. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was referring to the comment above mine for missing a period. Speaking of which...

Who assaults people with something as valuable as a laptop?

stewartdolan 0

Remember it was a woman

Remember, that was a woman that just said that.

6- I know, whatever happened to just throwing your phone at the perpetrator?

She didn't say it was her laptop...If it was his she probably just didn't care?

Har Har 8 youre so funny

feldco1 17

I don't understand how assaulting him would have made everything better

Don't try and reason with stupid people u will just sink down to their level !

DisappearingRose 18

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cant argue with an unconsious person

Wait aren't you supposed to fight fire with fire? Dammit I always mix that saying up...

G0v3nat0r 7

YDI for trying to assault him, especially with a laptop

ninjuh_wingman 29

Thats stupid trying to assault someone with a laptop. Plus your neighbor has just won called life.

as soon as i read "i tried to assault him" i knew it was going downhill

yea YDI this 1000% but that neighbor's comment is priceless XD

HetaliaFreak 10

Today, my wife and I got into and argument. We were yelling at each other, when she started to get violent. This wouldn't have been so bad, if the neighbor next door hadn't starting supporting her. FML

drawmesunshine 17

I don't know about OP deserving this 1000%.. I took it like maybe the husband verbally or physically abuses OP, and the neighbor was sympathizing. Granted OP definitely handled it the wrong way. I'm just saying that we don't know the whole story, and we can't just assume OP to be a husband beater when it could be quite a bit more complicated than that.

It's great how a female goes to hit a male, they are encouraged. Of course if the situation was flipped, the male would of been fried first thing for hitting a woman. Either way seems like this relationship is on the fast track to C.O.P.S!

Yeah, don't use a laptop to assault somebody! Unless it's a MacBook...

See, a guy wouldn't write this on Fmylife because he would be spending the night behind bars for domestic violence; which is exactly what you deserve.

I'm curious 108, if the situation had been flipped and it was a man attempting to assault his wife with a laptop, would you have jumped in to say that we can't blame the guy because after all his wife might have been verbally or physically abusing him? Hm? I doubt it.

Funny neighbor x]

drawmesunshine 17

137, First off, I'm not saying we can't blame OP because she might be just lashing back. If she is abused, she still handled things in a less than ideal way, so she is to blame. But the neighbor egging her on like that, to me, hints at a history that we can only leave to our imaginations. If the roles were switched, and the neighbor told the husband to "do what you gotta do," then yes, I would say maybe she abuses him. Granted, you hear far fewer stories of wife-on-husband abuse and it's less likely, but the possibility still stands. And another possibility that has been overlooked is maybe they're both men. I'm certain there are abusive homosexual relationships. Who, then, would you sympathize?

I would sympathize with the person who is abused, gender is really irrelevant in such a case.

If they were both male why would the neighbor say "do what you gotta do, GIRL"

137- women get encouraged to beat their men. If a guy yelled that out in the room, their neighbor would've called the cops

EvilDave 13

There is no reason to assume the OP isn't just a husband beater. You are just making excuses for her and her assaulting her husband because you want to believe he deserves it.

Oh now I get it, the FML is that you just realised you're a big sack of human waste, right? Right?

flockz 19

i'm sure he was more worried about his ****.

why watch **** when you could have sex with a crazy person?

Wow.. Thin walls or loud voices?

Does it matter? Lol totally irrelevant

RawEndo 1

i think both lol

Arguing would typically mean yelling unless you're whisper-arguing.

Thats what living in the projects are like.

They are yelling dumbs/-/!t of coarse their voices can be heard through a wall

pins91 27

Why is it “hilarious” when a woman abuses a man, but scream abuse when it’s the other way round? Abuse is still abuse!!!