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Today, after having spent days working on it, I finished off a really elaborate seasonal greetings card for my boss. When I gave it to him, he took one look at it, flicked it in his trash can and said, "Fuck off, Steve." So much for a Christmas bonus. FML
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Maybe if you put on a little more glitter...

I find it funny his fml name is anonymous. I know his true identity....STEVE. -dramatic chipmunk stare-


I find it funny his fml name is anonymous. I know his true identity....STEVE. -dramatic chipmunk stare-

If Steve wasn't such a Kiss ass it wouldn't of happened.

If your last name was Jobs, this would have been the other way around.

you're still a c*nt steve, go f*ck your snake.

Yes let's all blame it on Steve and ignore the obvious....Alquaeda.....

Thats mondays for ya! Better try Fridays... We all remember Rebecca Blacks song don't we?

I'm sure Steve isn't his real name, just a generic name to insert in this fml

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I used to make Christmas cards, then I took an arrow to the knee.

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Today, I told that creepy Steve guy to F off... LIKE A BOSS

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The arrow to the knee jokes became REAL old REAL fast

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108 in guessing you made jokes about taking an arrow to the knee..... Then you took an arrow to the knee

You didn't get it , he said "**** me Steve"

#66: Unless of course his job was designing the company christmas card! Then it would be a dick-move by his boss.

Is your name Steve, or Dwight Schruct? WTF who does that?

I guess your boss doesn't like people brown nosing him.

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the boss is ok. the ass trying to elevate by kissing asses is the prob here

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His boss needs to take his man card while he's at it

This reminds me of the scene in "Christmas Vacation" when he brings a present to his boss and his boss doesn't even know his name. Then he gets the "gift that keeps on giving" with a membership to the jelly club...

Please tell me most everyone has seen that movie...

I'm sorry, that sucks. What an asshole. :|

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Kinda sounds like you were sucking up to him .... I'd get pissed off too and tell you to **** off as well.

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I'm does he deserve it?

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160- Are you looking to defend yourself, or do some damage?

I think he knew you were doing it just to get a bonus lol ;) Nice try though

Your boss definitely knew it wasn't coming from your heart dude..ydi for trying to abuse the spirit Christmas in your selfish antics.

57- I don't care if people are being nice for their own, selfish reasons - being nice is being nice :). Besides, there is no such thing as selflessness - even if you get nothing in return, being nice still makes you feel good about yourself :)

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Was he a Jew or something? I could see how that would be offensive.

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How is a seasonal greetings card offensive? It represents all holidays

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He did say Christmas bonus. I think that shows at least a little bias on his part.

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Well most people celebrate Christmas in America so it is not uncommon for someone to give a "Christmas Card".

Maybe a Hanukkah Haiku would have been better.

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Haha wtf 39 how did this become Jewish Japanese

Wow. I'm Jewish and that took a while to register... /: (number 7)

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Actually, he was probably an atheist. I think it's more common for them to flip their shit when things don't fit into their perfectly secular world. I'm probably a bit biased though after seeing a couple videos of that Amazing Atheist douche-bag on YouTube.

^ Do you stereotype races and sexes of humans with that mouth too?

FYLDeep 25

I don't have to stereotype the ones that act like douche-bags. I can dislike them by their own merits. I'm not against any group simply because of their religion. That guy in particular makes me want to kick him in the head. There's a lot of Christian's that irritate me too though, but usually not to the point where I feel violent. Christians tend to be against that type of stuff due to their beliefs, but then again there are the hypocritical ones that need to piss off. The KKK is filled with "Christians" after all, even though they're an organization that goes out of their way to shit on what the bible actually teaches.

So what you're saying is religious and nonreligious people both have assholes regardless of their beliefs, BUT then you say atheists are more likely to be assholes? Why? How? Based on what? You're either trolling or you're just realllllyyyy stupid.

FYLDeep 25

I think Christians would try to hide their inner asshole a little more, because acting like a douche-bag goes against what they believe. Atheists aren't limited by this, because they don't believe in anything. All in all I figure asshole tendencies are universally distributed among all people. It's just a matter of who's willing to display it more.

105 I believe everyone has assholes. I know it was a mistake but I just couldn't help myself.

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More of the dude is a pussy for making a card for his boss.

166 - You GTFO ******' nolife shitbag wannabe.

Amazing boss you have, what did you write in the card?

Maybe if you put on a little more glitter...

Awe come on, a man's gotta have his glitter :)

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i'd rather mine not be shot out of a cannon.

No glitter. Glitter is the herpes of the craft world... That shit just spreads everywhere and never goes away!