By gassy - 29/12/2012 09:32 - United States - Kirkland

Today, I auditioned for a role in ballet. My stomach was in pain and as I ran to be lifted into the air by my partner, I let out a huge fart. The auditorium was dead silent. FML
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Someone should have lit the fart - a ballerina gliding through the air with a fire trail coming out of her arse would be a magnificent sight to behold.

Well at least you were able to continue without pain afterwards?


Well at least you were able to continue without pain afterwards?

Yeah, only one fart isn't a big deal, much better than bad stomach pain!

At least she didn't pass out from nervousness.

Inheritance 10

Takes a whole new meaning of, 'silent, but deadly.'

69 - No, it doesn't.

69- It was loud and awkward.

Well OP, this could have done wonders for you. When you farted in mid-air, you shouldn't have felt ashamed, rather, thankful. The fart could have been used in your advantage, giving you extra flight. Shoulda done a flip.

I have nothing.... Bummer. Hope you aren't a nervous tooter.

If you have nothing then why try and take top comment from a comment that could make us all laugh?

She has her awesome pic! Smoking!

Sorry didn't know there was a petty competition here. But thank you all for attending my funeral, it's my first burial.

Life is a competition! I'll bring flowers.....

*Plays funeral music* I do agree with 49 tho:)

Why did you even bother to comment if you "had nothing"? Bitch please...

redmane 21

98- Why did you bother commenting when it was already pointed out?

98- calm your tits, I already got reemed out by the fml rents. But in all seriousness, I said "I got nothing" in the sense of "damn all I can really say is fuck that really sucks" hence "bummer". But thank you everyone for telling me that's a no no around here, I promise it won't happen again, please don't ground me.

Lay off the baked beans next time

Are you saying that eating baked beans is the only thing that causes people to fart?

I thought ballerinas only ate brown rice and vegetables. Lol Broccoli will make some gassy as hell.

Well if you kept going and pretended like it didn't happen then you should be just fine. If you lost all bearing after that then you're fucked.

Who knows, maybe that will be her winning ticket. If she continued nicely, it shows OP can handle herself under expected situations and can recover from even the most crippling of embarrassments.

agreed. isnt part of being a great stage performer is being able to handle everything that is thrown at you? a lot of bravery and self confidence makes the best performers

YDIbroski 7

YDI for not letting it out beforehand.

Yes because we can always control, when we have to fart.

YDIbroski 7

I can.

Well aren't you just talented

23 Try and fart 34 times right this minute. I'm sure when you shit yourself you will learn just how much control there really is.. OR hold a fart in for 14 hours..

YDIbroski Things to do today 8:00 eat breakfast 8:30 remedial math class 9:45 meeting with student advisor 10:20 slip in the alley by the student union and let out the fart that has been building since breakfast. 10:25 English 101

YDIbroski is simply a superior human being.

75 That is a superior example of sarcasm. Well done, heres a cookie. *hands cookie*

Someone should have lit the fart - a ballerina gliding through the air with a fire trail coming out of her arse would be a magnificent sight to behold.

wlddog 14

That was a fantastic visual. I now want to see that.

stewpididiot 11

Especially if the ballet was about the Hindenberg disaster


It is the latest development in modern ballet. The jet assisted lift.

Cirque de inferno

I'm favoriting this FML simply so I may see this comment again one day. Thank you, sir.

Thank you. Your comment had me cry with laughter.

Steve95401 49

Everybody in the theatre is going to remember your audition for a long time.

I bet she blew the audience away with that performance.

I bet after all that dancing, she was winded.

Yeah, but I bet if op got the role the show would have been a gas to see.

A rip-roaring good time!

I think you lost the part, sorry. Maybe next time take some gas pills first.

I think are about to make a dumb comment.

Farts happen, Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor..... Life goes on

At least the acoustics were great!