By flexibleflatulance - 05/09/2009 03:07 - United States

Today, before class I was trying to prove I can twist myself like the people on the front of my anatomy textbook, I got onto a table and twisted my ankles behind my head. Everyone seemed impressed until I farted so loudly that it echoed in the hallway. I couldn't get my legs unstuck. FML
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You would be ******* beast at strip poker ;o inb4 "OMG GURLS FART?!?!?! NO WAI" comments from the 12 year olds

girls fart glitter and poop butterflies. DUHHHH.


You would be ******* beast at strip poker ;o inb4 "OMG GURLS FART?!?!?! NO WAI" comments from the 12 year olds

they fart, they just dont poop. obbbbbviously

Okay, so I'm a ******* retard and meant to put Twister, not poker jdfndk;sfklds;nfklsdmfkdsf;lksd;f

americayay 0

haha. i love you number 1. who's to say she wouldn't be an awesome poker player? she'd be great at mario kart too.

dont forget, she's probably also good at connect 4

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girls dont fart. they toot:P

I laughed so hard when I saw that I don't know why I just did! girls don't fart, they toot classic!

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so, what guy asked you out? A girl doing that publicly... yeah, that's kinda attractive.

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Not sure how the farting and the ankles being stuck tie together here...but YDI for being so stupid.

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Maybe the OP tried to hurry and hold her legs together to stop the fart. LOL. Or wanted to run away and couldn't.

That sucks...hahaha Kudos for being flexible will come in handy later in life...but cut back on the farts...most guys dont like it....haha

you obviously impressed everyone. btw EXPOSED

OMG this actually happened to a girl in my 7th grade english class. she was a gymnast & a guy tried to get her to show everyone how flexible she was so she put both feet behind her head and farted. except her feet didnt get stuck

I agree with laestrella. me being a guy n all