By dealtit - 30/07/2014 03:49 - United States - Toccoa

Today, I accidentally farted in the middle of class. Thinking I got away with it, I just kept doing my work until some kid across the room says, "I could have done better." FML
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Accept his challenge!

Well, did he direct it towards you or just in general? I think you're fine, OP.


I bet the kids fat

I bet you were farting in class instead of learning grammar. Everybody farts mate.

JMichael 25

Since when did you have to be fat to fart? Everyone does. It's your body's way of releasing pressure build up in the stomach.

JMichael 25

Is he the son of Michael Moore?

NemusKiller 5

OP you have been Challenged!

Accept his challenge!

Next time put some heart into your fart. There's no such thing as stopping; you can only start. It's how to to distinguish the bad from the good fart apart.

katebond 16

he noticed!

Really? Are you sure?

katebond 16

pretty sure, yeah ;)

I love how #3's profile says she speaks fluent sarcasm.

Well, did he direct it towards you or just in general? I think you're fine, OP.

you should of told him prove it that way if any one else heard you fart their attention would of been on him and not you.

Don't worry you're not alone. It happened to a lot of us.

Lasagnaa 24

Deny, deny, deny!

iLike2Teabag 27

He who denied it, supplied it.

Who smelt it delt it

blazerman_fml 17

He who did the rhyme did the crime.

But you are rhyming, too, so it was you who farted!

You should have said "Challenge accepted..."

if I were you I would have said challenge accepted.

Do I smell a farting contest?

Those never end well. Trust me on this.

It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.