By misty_love - 10/03/2010 08:09 - United States

Today, I realized that I can still do the splits. Why? Because I fell down an entire flight of stairs, everyone in the hall saw me land and applauded. Someone even shouted "and she sticks the landing." FML
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So nobody was concerned that you fell down the stairs? Look on the bright side; at least you can do splits. That's more than I can do. And it wasn't an utterly humiliating experience.

Accidential ninjia.


So nobody was concerned that you fell down the stairs? Look on the bright side; at least you can do splits. That's more than I can do. And it wasn't an utterly humiliating experience.

Here's a better fml: today I realized I can do the splits! only problem is I'm a guy and after doing it, my sack ripped and I saw one of my balls roll away. fml

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Well Congratulations on still knowing how to do the splits, it's a great party trick, trust me. But that sucks that you fell down the stairs, hope you caused no serious damage. FYL for falling.

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Got to love flexible girls.

Oh no people will laugh at the OP for a few days and will comletely forget about it over the weekend FYL indeed

1 is right, that is kinda epic

This is an MLIA. Go away.

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I probably would of shouted that out to

ur nuts cant roll! there just nasty lumps of tissue!

I didn't know Andy from The Office uses FML...

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36 party trick, you ****! LOL

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hahaha #4 ur funny xD

@ #1 True. But on the other hand, OWW if you haven't done them for a long time...

where's the fml here? you fell down stairs and no one laughed at u?

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isn't that a good thing though? i mean, you didn't humiliate yourself.


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I fail to see the FML here, unless of course you hurt yourself. otherwise, this should be enough to get you into the 2011 Olympics! and you can be represented by Avril Lavigne, and Nickelback! :D

(starts making gagging noises at the mentioning of Nickelback) Seriously, though, who is Nickelback?

2011? last time I checked it's every 2 years not every year

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a rock band apparently from Canada that a majority of Texans LOVE. I enjoy their music. the band has their haters--who doesn't?

(searches their Myspace page) Mother. Of. God.

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nickelback sucks, and im from canada

#11, as a Texan for the last 24 years I have to disagree. Rednecks like country music. I don't think Nickleback love is any greater here than anywhere else. Personally I can't stand them. There's one or two songs I enjoy but overall, same old crap over and over.

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I'm a Texan and I love techno, and rap, and Lady Gaga :) Space Cowboy, DragonForce. ****'s so gay.

Texans aren't just rednecks though. Nickleback is amazing though. They have a mix of perversity and real life at the same time!

Nickelback reminds me of what the rock version of "making of the band" would have produced. They are so obviously main stream and safe that they have a huge following without actually writing any real interesting music. Of course you know what they say about opinions and assholes., Blue Angel...creative. I think not. Tenshi you are not. We have a ban on Lady GaGa since the Lobster incident. It is against rule 57: though shall not wear lobsters as head dresses. So by saying that you have JUST been kicked out of the Tenshi club.

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I won't read all the comments but...: if you hate Nickelback, then you don't know what alternative rock is. don't say you do, I hate these ******* mowadays who can name one or two "rock bands." they usually end up being TDG or Seether (even tho they're ******* awesome :P)

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Congrats 35 for listening to some of the most shittiest music ever.

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I meant 45...oops

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this should me an MLIA. your life isn't ruined, and in fact your school obviously doesn't hate you, otherwise they wouldn't have reacted so cooly.

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banana split for breakfast

Accidential ninjia.

Who ******* cares?

This sounds more like bragging than an FML.

yeah..soo how exactly is this a fml? .............?

GJ @ sticking the landing!