By belle_arina - 08/10/2009 05:05 - United States

Today, we were doing stretches in dance class where you are on your hands and doing the splits in the air while your partner helps hold you and stretch your legs further. Right as I lift my left leg up, I farted hugely right in my partner's face. I couldn't make eye contact for the rest of class. FML
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Now, you see...if this was a class full of guys, you'd be the most popular one there. And I mean good popular, not bad popular.

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Reverse this fml around that would be funnier you should just laugh it off everyone farts and third

learn to control your sphincter. your 'partener's will appreciate it.


Well, queefing would be more embarressing.

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This makes me wonder if this ever happens when my weight training class walks by and peeks in the dance room. If it were us, we'd be laughing hard. Really hard.

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Yeah, it's their life that's F'd. Thank you, #2!

I wonder who #2 works for... Also, I wonder if OP's partner contracted pink-eye from this...

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Oh hell... I would not have had the balls to stay around at all. At least it wasn't a queef.

queef is is cool to queef but not fart

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You fail. That really sucks...I bet no one wants to be your partner again. I hope for your sake that word doesn't spread all through school!

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Oh, okay I wouldn't be surprised if this was also posted in the 'girl confessions' thing in Cosmo

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meh. ur life goes on. if isnt effed. so i will just put YDI seeriously should have more options whne choosing whether the person's life is effed

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This actually JUST happened to me, lmao. I feel your pain.

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@ j rock. Stfu. On the iPhone it doesn't show gender you crackass. Idk if he's using one but u suck balls anyway

That's actually hilariously idiotic of you. I am on my iPhone and lo-and-behold, it shows a gender. So how about YOU stfu and stop being a douchebag.

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I think they mean the iPhone app, not the browser. Try not to be such an irreverent douche. :)

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Actually I'm on the iPhone app and it shows the gender...