By YuckyDuckyLucky - 03/06/2015 17:36 - Norway - Oslo

Today, I attempted to break the record for the heaviest squat in my local gym. A small crowd witnessed me breaking the record as well as releasing a huge fart. FML
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See OP, this is what happens when you try to toot your own horn.


OP didn't just try, they succeded in breaking the record! As well as breaking huge wind.

Am I the only one curious about how much did it weight? Not the fart, OP, the squat :D

The previous record was 240kg, I did 260kg.

Well worthy of a fart hehe Congratulations OP

there is an Afghan saying, when something/someone is making you do your very best or its very hard, people say afterwards "it pushed the fart out of you" xD

banshee88 18

I HATE when I fart in front of my trainer. Hey! At least it wasn't a shart! Win!

Shadowvoid 33

Better than a hernia or hemorrhoid... Someone I know got both

Hey that is really impressive. I am sure they are a lot more impressed with a record, than a fart. If anything they would laugh that last part off.

Haha, that's the embarrassing part, they did.

Bummer! Oh well, be proud of your accomplishments!

I'm not sure why you're being thumbed down since that can actually happen.. such things can't be unseen ;_;

Breaking a record as well as breaking wind

Dammit, you stole what I was going to say!