By RhiannonMuh - Germany - Starnberg
Today, I was on a date with a guy I really like. Everything went well, and then he wanted to kiss me. As he leaned towards me, I got slightly panicky and ducked out of the way, causing him to headbutt the car behind me. Now we know why I'm still a virgin. FML
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  tounces7  |  27

Umm, it's natural if you're like 12. But panicking when you're an adult over a kiss to the point where you injure people isn't natural.

OP might need some therapy to deal with their panic attacks so they can live a more normal life.

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

#13 You don't know how old OP is. What if this was OP's first kiss? Doesn't matter if you're 12 or 20, a first kiss is still a first kiss and it's normal to feel nervous.

The way I read it, OP didn't seem ready for that kiss and literally dodged it because of that. I could be wrong.

  OlRed  |  28

+ she might just not have liked how fast and hard he was going in. I mean seriously if he went for their first kiss hard enough to headbutt the car behind her when she dodged, he is kind of an idiot for not making sure she's into something that rough... there again, he may have been so nervous he just wanted to be in and out that quick.


since op moved out of the way, there is a chance he kinda fell over/lost his balance which would result in maybe a headbutt to the car rather than just idk a head tap to the car.

  TaoShaman  |  24

It's not like OP hit him. He just fell into the car. And what 12 year olds are going around kissing people? People can be adults and still nervous about kissing someone, especially for the first time if they like them but maybe aren't ready yet. Not all adults are going around kissing everyone, some haven't at all. If someone hasn't done something before they're going to be nervous, or even if they just really like them.

By  klutzyduck1  |  24

I understand you may have been really nervous and reacted poorly. I just hope you respected him (and yourself) enough to explain it. It can be hard making yourself vulnerable like that, but if you like him, it's worth it. What's the worst that can happen? He obviously likes you, otherwise he wouldn't have tried to kiss you. If he says no, well you're still in the same place your were if you didn't say anything, but without regret. And the great thing is, once you do it the first time (talking to him about it), it gets easier, less panic inducing. He's probably just as nervous. Practice and pushing ourselves, makes us grow. Plus that way, you don't give him a complex! It's not a hopeless situation. Good luck!