By lpspann87 - United States
Today, I moved to Florida because I have poor circulation and need to be in a warm environment. The first day at my new job, I discovered my co-worker is an overweight man who wears a wool suit every day, and insists on keeping the office chilled to 65 degrees. I can't feel my fingers or toes. FML
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  jess2gd4u  |  0

95? that's a nice temp. plus op could just turn it down. it's not healthy for it to be so cold inside then warm outside, I'm sure it would go into some OH&S. pick up your balls and say something.

  overthelimit  |  3

95 degrees is unbearable for me, but i guess thats cause im used to cold weather. 65 is actually kinda nice, but fyl op. job hunting? or buy your overweight wool suit wearing friend some lighter clothing

  Angi95  |  3

Dude Florida sucks all the humidity does not treat my hair nicely and the bugs suck. And yeah for Christmas I was in sophie's and a tank top. The only white Christmas we get us sugar sand yay!