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What the actual fuck

The fuck dude? She's been mislead doesn't mean that she's a slut, she's 13!


What the actual fuck

that is so fucking dumb I need bleach

In the future: Top 10 Anime Transformations

Whats her number?

Jesus, what a great parenting job you've done

You didn't talk to her about sex?

Paul B. Gyurcsanszky 14

You might want to keep a c Over eye on what your kids are doing.

your daughter needs to worry about school. not boys and sex didnt you have a talk with you daughter about the birds an the bees she is way to young to even thinking or even having sex put her in some kind of sports or other activies that way she be to busy to have sex

daughter's like 25 now. little late for this comment lol

There's no rape like statutory rape.