By Anonymous - 25/04/2011 17:10 - United States

Today, I was running a marathon. I stopped to massage my stiff legs, when an elderly spectator taunted, "Oohhh yeah, that's it! Massage those legs good, boy!" She looked about 70. FML
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we need a Wtf? button

oliveindamiddle 0

I don't think this is a fyl or a ydi... it's just one of those moments in life where you're like.. WTF. :)


comepoopwithme 0

for which person?

For the Grandma! Ps: fallout is awesome

jennifer93 0

agreed that glee blows

mr_miyagi 0

yea a total win for OP. 70?!? if thats out of the standard scale of 1-10 then she must have been a real GILF

"Don't forget to stretch those creamy hamstrings!" -Herbert

dirtyblond 4

"Oh yeaahhh massage those legs while I massage my pussy!"(; -old lady

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or it gets the hose again!


oliveindamiddle 0

I don't think this is a fyl or a ydi... it's just one of those moments in life where you're like.. WTF. :)

overthelimit 3

haha well at least op knows someone thinks hes attractive ;)

lol :) good on you OP for running a marathon great achievement :)

Gramma's dreaming up a marathon of massaging his stiff 'leg'. Good for her too?

missy_lynn012 0

well there's not a website called so this'll have to do. op fyl for turning on an old lady :P

lol 113 nice underpants

Mmm at least she was admiring the view. but really how many people stop running a marathon to massage legs, wouldn't that stuff you up?

stuff you up? wth kind of saying is that?

Maybe OP just stopped for a while to press on the sore areas. I do that sometimes when I'm not running competitive.

oh cool. I thought for marathons it would stuff u up with your rhythm and breathing an pace.

What did I just read?

we need a Wtf? button

I'm still waiting for the 'Get A Grip' button.

oliveindamiddle 0

Que pasaaaa I'm so confused.. I commented on this comment and all of the comments are gone now :O

I have sexy legs. FML

I agree!! maybe if we ask nicely they'll give us a WTF button.


For that to work, OP would have to be a girl not a boy, but that's still funny:) haha

haha. family guy is the shit.

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Dear FML, It would be greatly appreciated if you could supply the users of this fantastic site with a "wtf" button! Much thanks. - Olivia & other users or FML :)

They won't. Same thing as with a dislike button on facebook- we want it, it makes sense, but it's just not gonna happen. Such is life (in soviet Russia. sorry, I had to lol)

Family guy win ^^^

OP is a choir boy. that's the problem.

Get some cougar, boy! I'm only kidding.

And #9 is winning!! Nothing wrong with a cougar at all ;)

you ruined it by saying I'm only kidding.

9- yes, i do enjoy your picture !

Other than the fact that it's basically seducing a young man for your own needs and practically sexually abusing him, yeah, there's nothing wrong with cougars...

well.. if you look at it like that...EEWWW I just happen to be 13 yrs older than my hubby. at our age there is no eeww factor. underage lusting is sick tho.

Well, with the whole "half your age plus seven" social rule, OP would have to be 42, and we can safely assume that's not true due to her calling him boy.

Hmm if she was 70 wouldn't 42 still be considered boy? JK JK I totally understand and agree with your point. :)

enonymous 8

Not a cougar at this age. more like an alley cat that has a limp, has sagging ears and smells of rotting tuna and denture cream

SteelCladAngel 0

that's not cougar...that's sabertooth tiger

SteelCladAngel 0

that's not cougar...that's sabertooth tiger

Bwhahaha sabertooth tiger hahaha and alley cat! lol those are GOOD!

9- i do enjoy your picture !

22cute 17

70 year old women have earned the right to seduce anyone they want in my opinion. What's the harm, really?

KiddNYC1O 20

I agree with #1. Was she touching herself or something?

Herbert's sister, Sherbert the Pervert.

way to use your "Imagination." *waves hands in a bow shape*

that's a little more than a compliment. but hey whatever works!

LMAO Nice to see you around again KaySL!!

Finally a guy getting objectified by a women...

Before people jump on me I will clarify: every time there's an GML about a guy objectifying a girl the response in many (not all) cases is Female: that's so horrible and wrong! Guys are so horrible! You should castrate and report him! Male: Hey, he thinks you're hot that's a good thing! Learn to appreciate a compliment! And what with all the feminist lesbian Nazi bitches? I'm curious to see if the response will be the now that the roles are switched.