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Today, I asked my friend to stop texting me, because I'm on a limited plan and didn't want to go over my limit. She responded by getting a group of her friends to text bomb me. I got well over a hundred one-word texts. FML
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Sounds like you need to upgrade to unlimited texting!

good friend you have there...


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12: thanks for putting a meaningful comment instead of a short, obvious play at first comment like "hahaha" *cough*

That's 20 bucks there

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I do that all the time(: it's really fun

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Probably because your mommy still pays your phone bill. :/

would you rather I just simply said, "First!!!"???

yo 12 you just named my cell phone plan exactly .. haha

176 I looove ur makeup!!

u don't even need unlimited there are plans that have free incoming Txts and limited out going

Wait wtf? ur telling me in America you have to pay to receive texts?? LOL

That's what I was thinking! Like, what the hell? lolol

Heliol 8

You only have to pay for texts received if you open them, although on some phones it can be really confusing for some people to get it to where you can delete them easily without opening it.

That's why you switch to U.S. Cellular. Unlimited free incoming calls, texts, MMS. Even though that doesn't matter for me because I have unlimited texting like every other sane human being.

ughh I hate that network it runs through AT&T and there cell network ducks!!! thank god the iPhone came over to Verizon!!! but yah what I would have done was either IMMEDiATLY call the company and change the plan or hand your asshole of a friend the bill.

We would rather you said nothing at all.

Grow up please

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should be more respectful


why its funni:D

3- lighten up, it's just a little bit of fun

Oh yeah it's so much fun when you don't have to pay for it. Selfishness and lack of consideration for others is AWESOME!!

28- you do not need to be on here

54- I see no age policy, but thirteen is a little young... where are the parents?

that's hilarious

wow it's funny to a limit

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83- exactly. fml wants all people to enjoy this website. and half the stuff on here I already knew about when I was like 10. chill, times have changed.

She's fine, not doing anything wrong. Let her have some fun.

She's fine, not doing anything wrong. Let her have some fun.

125- how is it fine that her friend may have cost op money?

i think 125 was talking to 28...

so far the only people ive seen that can justify doing this are either illiterate morons, 13 year olds, or a combination of those two. awesome.

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83 the age to have a FML is 13

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My thoughts exactly, 201.

You stupid bitch, it is NOT fine. It is a mean and stupid thing to do.

calling someone a stupid bitch is a mean thing to do too ya hypocrite

Sounds like you need to upgrade to unlimited texting!

Or less crappy friends...

true,true... that would be a good option as well.

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maybe op cant afford unlimited?

There are still plans that bill incoming text?

maybe op can't afford less crappy friends?

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83- this may be a repeat(i'm on my iPod) but it's fine for 13 yr olds to be in here. most the stuff on this site I've known bout since I was like 10. chill, times have changed.

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OR Pirelli's miracle elixir

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It's Pirelli's miracle elixer, that's what did the trick sir, true sir true!!!

good friend you have there...

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haha yeah this fml sounds like something I would do to my best friend xD only cause she's such a penny pencher (-_-)

don't reply? or does it cost u to receive them?

6- it can cost upwards of .35 per text. incoming and outgoing. Which is why unlimited texting is the smarter, more economical way to go.

that is dumb. why should you have to pay to receive texts. that's one of the stupidest things I've heard. what money hungry f$&@s.

agreed I don't think any provider in the uk makes you pay to receive a text

Networks can see this but in most parts of the world you don't pay to receive texts only to send them. I would imagine networks who charge to receive don't care if you read it or not, only if you receive it.

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:o I think someone needs a chill pill..

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Only in america do you pay to recieve sms... probably because it is the will of "god" or "jesus" and that science fiction book "the (un)holy bible".. religion is stupid. enough said.

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what does texting have to do with religion? take some adderal n stay on topic

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120- Shut up and burn in hell. Anyhow, Mr. Boners, you win.

What ******* country or person pays to receive a ******* txt msg,that's just ******* stupid. from the whole of Australia.

123 I saw that picture at lakeline mall and took a picture too lol.

Wow, I'm happy I live in a normal country. Do you guys pay to receive a phone call as well? Fuck all your lives! We just pay to call, or text ourselves, never for incoming. (unless where in a foreign country, than we pay for incoming calls as well, but never for incoming texts...)

123- I love the pic it made me lol hardcore

I seriously cant believe I'm hearing that you have to pay to receive texts!! LOL I pity all you people from America :/

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yeah that's what I was thinking. if u don't reply it shouldn't cost u anything?

it costs send and receive. I work in mobile phones.

in the uk we don't have to pay for incoming texts, just outgoing ones.

Wow, that's kinda strange. In my country, we only pay to send messages rather than for both sending and recieving them.

that's exactly what i was thinking...

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hahhaha fyl. it you really wanted to, you could tattle on them to your parents and their parents and make them pay $$$$$ then again no one likes a tattler.. :P

obviously she doesn't like OP aleeady

You are an idiot. There is nothing wrong with OP telling their parents that their stupid bitch of a friend deliberately cost him money. It's because of idiots like you that people think that telling anyone about how someone else is doing something wrong is "tattling" and should be looked down on.

same thing I was thinking

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Unlimited texting is fairly cheap now. But that's still pretty inconsiderate of your friend. Their parents probably pay for their phone plans still.

As a joke I think you should gather a group of friends and take turns bashing her brains out as if she were a human piñata. I'm sure she would find it HILARIOUS.

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Psycho works. Also, who's insane and what defines a psychological condition is kind of based on opinion, don't you think?