By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my siblings came home for the weekend. At dinner, my dad started complaining at how one of my siblings had gotten fired, one was failing college, and the other was gay. He went on to say I was 17 and already had a bright future. I'm pregnant. FML
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  MilkyFilmz  |  26

You are an idiot.

By  onigiriqueen  |  0

Well, maybe one got fired because of the economy. He really shouldn't have a problem with his kid being gay, so there's two down...

If you pay a few thousand a year to go to school and fail, then you really are a lame-o.

But really. Daddy needs to take a chill pill.

By  plethora  |  3

Pregnancy and bright future are not mutually exclusive.
But if it's that big an issue, abortions are not evil like some people pretend...

And now watch me get slaughtered by the pro-lifers.

  linzeylou  |  0

go ahead, get an abortion. you'll only have to live with the fact that you killed a person and you will never know what he/she looks like. abortion really messes people up

By  suadelaaa  |  0

Haha I agree with #5.
I'm 17, if I fell pregnant anytime in the next five years abortion would be the ONLY option I'd consider.

Whooo, I'll get slaughtered with you :s

  wishiwazritch  |  3

well then you should be forced to have your tubes tied because selfish bitches like you don't deserve to have kids when you murder a baby that could have been the best thing that ever happened to some couple who desperately wants a baby and can't have you know how many people want babies and spend years trying to get one? but whatever I guess 'it's your body' right? another persons happiness isn't as important as your waist line.

  blooglekoogle  |  0

maybe she just doesn't want to go through that much pain to give what she made with all that pain and labour away? abortion isn't necessarily murder. It might be what is best for the baby.