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Today, I moved into my university dorm a week before classes start. Everyone kept giving me weird looks as they watched me move my stuff in. Finally, one of my dorm mates asked me if I knew that school had actually started last week. I didn't. FML
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Wow that sucks. I hope you'll be able to catch up with your classes

BubbleGrunge 18

Way to make a grand entrance OP! Now, buckle down, you've missed a lot of work!


Wow that sucks. I hope you'll be able to catch up with your classes

Damian95 16

Well this gives you the opportunity to work a week harder than everyone else! Luckily you didn't go on the day you thought your classes started!

Usually the first week isnt full of too much actual work so op should be able to catch up very quickly.

Most universities around me kick you out if you don't attend the first class. Hope that's not the case!

wannabesinger 16

Really? I've never heard of that rule.

pheebs314 17

that was the rule at my college... well, it was at the professor's discretion.

That sounds really unfair. What if you are in the hospital on the first day?

A lot of instructors will kick you out of class if you don't attend on the first day.

tjv3 10

Yeah. It is your responsibility to look up important dates ahead of time. Welcome to college.

#82 - Then you contact your professor and explain why you weren't at the first day. Usually they'll excuse you for not attending. If you're just a no-show though, your spot goes to the next person on the waiting list.

Most colleges kick you out if you miss the first 3 days, op is going to have a bad time

BubbleGrunge 18

Way to make a grand entrance OP! Now, buckle down, you've missed a lot of work!

Jake_Hale 7

Well OP walk with your head high and chest out like a boss. Show them you start when you want to start.

That sucks it will make a good story though for the future

Yeah it'll be something to laugh about someday!!

As long as it isn't the story of how OP flunked out of varsity by not attending the first classes

SauceySarah 30

That is like a recurring nightmare that I always have. Missing the first day of school.

skyeyez9 24

I had a recurring nightmare I was back in high school. But I didn't know my class schedule, locker combination or any books.

Mine is always about turning assignments in late. One of my professors says he still has that nightmare twenty years after graduating.

I graduated in 2010 and I still have nightmares that I flunk a class and am a credit short of graduating.

Back in high school, I had a recurring dream where I'd be at school naked. Sometime I'd be embarrassed and hiding behind things, other times I'd just own it and go around to all my classes like that

30 - My mother still gets that one and she's class of 1980!

That nightmare used to ruin my whole day. Still have it every so often.

Holy_Schnikes 23

I graduated in '09 and I have nightmares where I'm naked at school, accidentally missed school....I even have some where I'm running late so I drive my car instead of taking the bus (I got my license after graduation).

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

14--ive had that exact same dream. its so weird. I wonder why..

My recurring nightmare is showing up for an exam, prepared for one subject but turns out I got the date wrong and it's some other subject I haven't even started preparing for :(

Really? How did you miss the start date by a week? If you want to do well in university you have to pay closer attention to important detail.

More like two weeks. They thought it didn't start for another week but it started a week ago.

22 was actually referring to the fact that the OP wanted to be one week early, but was one week late, thus making it a 2 week difference.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I agree with 5. college is kind of a big deal. its the adult world of responsibilities and deadlines. having late assignments, not knowing what chapter youre in, or even showing up a week late for the first day is unacceptable. it takes a lot to succeed in college.

Yeah, handing in assignments a week late resulted in an automatic fail at my uni. So OP better start writing down their deadlines!

Sounds like someone is starting their periods late.

This might have been funny if OP wasn't a GUY.

DKjazz 20

Probably not even if it were a girl...

Considering it makes no sense whatsoever

50, it would make sense if OP was a girl.. Buuuut OP's a guy and the joke is so overused that it's just not funny.

So you're saying that starting his period late made him late for college? That's a slippery slope if I ever saw one.

Jokes about feminine hygiene arent funny. Period.

Periods as in classes. Atleast I think that's what was meant to be said.

Hopefully you are not studying ancient symbols. That class will lead you to rune.

Better late than never I guess. You got some splaining to do OP.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

this will help you keep a track on your calendar more

jayellef 3

You missed the first week of class? Most teachers will drop you and allow those who showed up to crash the course. I hope you didn't get dropped!

I thought most university classes don't take attendance? At my school profs don't care. Some just post the notes online anyways, so you can not go to class at all and still get a good grade on the final.

48, I feel sorry for anyone who has those teachers. That is a sure sign that they're just phoning it in after they've been tenured, waiting for the day they can retire. That's no way to teach. The best professor I've ever had was a chemistry professor right out of grad school. He hated PowerPoint and taught from his own handwritten lecture notes. He made chemistry fun and easy to understand, and I had hated it until that point. That's the mark of a good professor.

jayellef 3

Yes they take roll the first day of class cause other students are trying to crash it. I just graduated from a university. In fact after three absences they drop your grade a full letter. That sucked!

Everyone has a different learning method. Some can just learn by reading the textbook and others need more help. Neither way is more valid than the other.

wannabesinger 16

65, I just graduated from a university as well. At my university, attendance was based on the professor's preference. Some took attendance because that certain college made them, some took attendance because they liked to knock your grade down if you were absent, and some just didn't give a shit because it's on you if you don't show up.

At my school, its illegal for a professor to change your grade due to attendance. They just started that last year & im glad because I have really bad asthma so i miss a few days a month but i make up everything & still get great grades on exams & projects. it would suck for me to fail because I wasnt there.

At my school, you can get a letter grade dropped for missing 3 classes, and failed for missing more than 3 classes.

jayellef 3

Yea some of my professors took roll, some didn't, some did knock down my grade if I missed 3 classes. But I'm saying every class I took, took roll the first week and if you weren't there they dropped you so others who were trying to crash the course could.