By jkin47 - 04/08/2010 01:44 - United States

Today, I moved into my new college apartment for the next year. A 45 year old guy with a mustache in short shorts and no shirt answers the door. He will be one of my roommates. FML
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hahahahhahah what fucking college are you going to?


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lol he sounds like a winner

first!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo

You are totally gonna streak the Quad at Midnight'

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Talk about a good time. =P

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well better that then a douchebag

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Boyfriend/roommate in one. FTW op :p go get your man.


Good Luck with that one >.>

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Who wear short shorts?! lol

ohthebloodygore 16

30 - I do. Fun to sleep in. I'm assuming you meant 'What guy uses short shorts?'

YDI for moving into your college apartment for the next year. Then a 45 year old guy with a mustache wearing short shorts came to the door, he will be your new roommate.

hey just invade your not 21 yet you have someone to buy you alcohol I bet he knows how to throw a sick party ;)

your my boy Blue!

can yu see the dancin everywhere

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LMAO best.. post... EVAR.

Stop spamming blank lines, db.

WTF man? So annoying. i hope you get moderated

Even I found that annoying, my trolling days are over. Nah, just kiddig.


Argh Dammit!

Lol he's topless. Getting ready for an all-nighter already. Nice.

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sounds like a wannabe version of Carl from aqua teen, not quite on Carl's level but he is trying

What did you expect? A naked one? 

awwww yeeeaahhh :D he sounds like a hunka hunka burnin' love.

Sounds like fun :3 YDI For being a party pooper.

Yeah u never know. He could be a dope ass pimp! Then ull party all dhe time. Don't judge people by first impressions. :)

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surprise butt secks?

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Old School ftw!


Why are you including short shorts, they're awesome! I'm a guy and wear them all the time. Especially when I work out! And listening to "Lets get physical".

Skroal. Are you so mentally challenged that the only reply you can make is to repeat the original post? You are pretty lame. Oh I see it now. You lack the education to think independently. You fail.

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that's bogus as fuck!

damn. stop taking all of the sexy roommates! :p


Heck ya finally an FML from Iowa that doesn't suck! =D

Could be worse- could be a 45 yo woman with no shirt and a mustache

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you could get another creepy person and hav e a threesome

at least he's not gay... oh whait never mind

Wait, his mustache was wearing short shorts?

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keep a knife with u at all times invade he tries to rape you

at least your roommate isn't dwight shrute. I hate when that happens to me

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heyy there sailor;D aha time to start a Village People cover band;)

36 are you the one on the left or the right? jw..

YDI for watching old re-runs of Battlestar Galactica

me yoo, yuh be gotten a problem wit daht homie g dog?

i think hes going to kick ass

YDI for not being gay

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oh no!! ={O

#120: Syntactically? Nah, not necessarily.

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86 arrested development win

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that sounds awesome

that sucks hahahah I would die.

the whole situation is just a tad bit weird! haha.

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..epicly lmao

hahahahhahah what fucking college are you going to?

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Oh lord...

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9 ftw!

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Take notes! This guy sounds awesome! =D

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take advantage!! he's probably the life of the party! and maybe has had some pedo related experiences, so ya your life sucks.. watchout!

Oh boy... He sounds fun. 