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  Jiplo  |  18

I know it is in some places, but I am unsure if it is throughout all of Canada. Either way, you should confront him/her about it. If the confrontation goes sour, you could leave a review online or something explaining your experience.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Yup. Canada requires 30 days written notice if under a month to month agreement. If op renewed a set term lease they must give 90 days written notice to break without cause, 30 days with cause.

  ZuRG_fml  |  7

I live in a college town where downtown housing sees a great deal of reshuffling on a very regular basis. Most leases run August to August, and househunting for the next year's lease begins in Jan/Feb. If you haven't re-signed, they can begin apartment showings in December.

It sounds like that's not typical in OP's area, unfortunate for the rude awakening.

  igive  |  29

It is in the US if there was not a 24 hr notice, AND a form given to OP notifying her she had 90 days to vacate (it's 90 if its over 2 years).

  Durantye  |  8

Even if your lease has expired if you are still living there under rent he has to give at least a months notice. And even after all that until that time is up it is considered OPs private property so still illegal.

  vango_fml  |  7

I'm not telling them to put in a false floor, install automatic flame throwers, or set poisonous pets at the entry way. A few greased door nobs, recorded screams, and fake bugs wouldn't hurt. Have fun, not murder.

  ChenEighty  |  20

Still, you're fucking with innocent people who are simply there to see a house, which was my point. I wasn't implying you were trying to murder them >.>

  Caelrona  |  8

Considering the wrong being done to OP, they would be saving those innocent people from having to later deal with the same bullshit from such a piss poor landlord.

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

No no no 67, I'm sure number 9 MEANT to say,
"Kill yourself in the apartment. Make sure it's really bloody, and really messy, so that the landlord will have a lot of work to do to clean it all up, THEN haunt the house, and make the tenants' lives miserable, or just haunt the landlord and make them pay for trying to make you move out. You'll sure show them..." But #9 just neglected a few pertinent details in the beginning... Or, you know, they could just skip the whole suicide/haunting thing, and find out what's really going on, because they are required to give a reasonable amount of notice before evicting someone. Maybe it's just that OP's apartment is similar to a vacant one that needs fixing up before being able to be looked at by future tenants. But a landlord is supposed to give you notice if they're showing your apartment to others.