By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
Today, my little brother grabbed my boobs and wouldn't let go until I pried his hands off. When I told my mom, her response was, "Get over it. He's a little kid who doesn't know any better." He's 14 years old. FML
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  Damian95  |  16

Perverted and creepy combined are basically horrifying in a sense. If you can read this fml and not be shocked and slightly afraid then you are one strange person.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

that is horrifying! OP if he's going to treat you like your not his sister (creepy) than treat him like any other girl would if he did that, junk punch him!! If that's over the line for you, a good hard slap access the face. Next time it could be a girl at school and he could get in real trouble! Handle this in the privacy of your own home.