By Anonymous - 22/08/2013 04:48 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, my little brother grabbed my boobs and wouldn't let go until I pried his hands off. When I told my mom, her response was, "Get over it. He's a little kid who doesn't know any better." He's 14 years-old. FML
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Quest_ 13
AppleJuiceBox 10

Sounds like a completely appropriate time to smack the shit out of this innappropriate teenager.


Quest_ 13

Horrifying? No. Perverted and creepy? Yes.

Damian95 16

Perverted and creepy combined are basically horrifying in a sense. If you can read this fml and not be shocked and slightly afraid then you are one strange person.

Gross. What a terrible mother. Next time don't tell her, just crush his balls until he lets go.

Next time, let him grab hers. If she complains, say he's a little kid and doesn't know better

Of course there is the odd chance she could like it

omgitsmoe 26

Seems your bro will be an incest **** star

shaww 28

I think he's just practicing ;)

that is horrifying! OP if he's going to treat you like your not his sister (creepy) than treat him like any other girl would if he did that, junk punch him!! If that's over the line for you, a good hard slap access the face. Next time it could be a girl at school and he could get in real trouble! Handle this in the privacy of your own home.

Horrifying, yes. I picture OPs brother covered in sperm with dirty brown fingernails, a crusty nose and a rapists stare. So grim. So, so grim.

I am a man who does not know what horror is, but instead I am horror itself... Yeah I guess I am strange. TO THE OTAKU LAIR

This actually happened to me, except it was with a bagel.

You were slapped with a bagel for grabbing your sisters boobs?

No a bagel boobed my sister for slapping me.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I wouldn't eat a bagel that attacked my little soldier.. That's something straight out of a horror movie. The **** Eating Bagel Part 2.

Redoxx_fml 22

I second that and a second slap to make him temporarily lose feeling in his creepy boob grabbing hand.

8- i don't know why you got downvoted; both of your comments were hilarious

dubby21 19

I would punch him not slap him. Gross.

AppleJuiceBox 10

Sounds like a completely appropriate time to smack the shit out of this innappropriate teenager.

I hate it when parents allow this kind of creepy behavior by their kids.

Pretty hard to do if he's figured out how to do the underarm grab, which by the sound of the FML he has.

I agree with everyone else; smack the little brat until he does know better.

That is some pretty ****** up shit. I think it would be breast if he saw a psychiatrist. Hopefully he will not milk the opportunity you mum has given him.

NatalieOntheTram 11

If he tries it again, wrap your hands around his neck and don't let go until he's able to pry your hands away, thereby letting go of your breasts.

Poetaster 10

Next time use a knee to his nuts... I guarantee he will let go

jayellef 3

How did you turn out knowing better, and your brother not? I say f his life cause he's gonna be the one that's strange when he's older.

You mean f his life because his mother allows him to act like a creepy little weirdo? Yeah, because that TOTALLY makes sense.