By Broke as hell


Today, after being robbed last week, I had no money to go to the store for food. Instead, my dinner consisted of two Tums chewables in tropical fruit flavors. After not eating all day, I thought they actually tasted pretty good. FML
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By  xxEOMFDxx  |  2

First off, you can't be that bad off if you have a smart phone, or laptop with internet to post this.

I'm sorry, but you mean to tell me you only carry cash and have no bank or credit card accounts? Checks are still a thing, debit / credit cards are still a thing. If you call your bank, they will overnight replacements free of charge with a police report.

Not too mention, how did you eat EVERYTHING in your house in a week? Especially if you knew you had no money.

Sucks you got robbed, but I don't feel bad for you for eating Tums. Sell some of your belongings if you're really that strapped for cash. Sell your IPhone 11 you probably used to post this on and get a flip phone until you are financially stable.

p.s. Your post annoyed me so much that I actually created a FML account just to reply.

  Ambrily  |  27

I'm glad you don't know what being poor really means, but let me tell you just this: sometimes, even if you have a phone, you still can't go buy any food, there can be many reasons for that.