By simon - / Thursday 23 July 2009 22:09 / Canada
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By  natsumosam92  |  0

Stop playin for the other team! (too many positive votes)

By  zargon  |  1

The wording on this one is kind of poor... my first read through, I thought he was saying that you showed him that gay guys were okay. Took me until the third read to figure out what was actually meant. That said, it does suck, but consider this a chance to turn someone from homophobe to ally. You might be the push he needs to realize that there's nothing wrong with gay people!

By  amyrenee2413  |  0

thats no good!!!! One of the guys I work with just came out a couple of months ago.....don't let this scare you into not hun!!!! Everything will be fine, and TRUE friends will always stick beside you!!

By  xfrankenstienx  |  0

Awww im sorry.What a fucking asshole though.I mean really there's nothing wrong with being gay.Well don't worry,you'll find some other hot guy (maybe even better looking) and you'll be happy and shit while that guy has a girl friend who cheats on him with his best friend :)

By  YerPal  |  0

Well I say come out of the closet anyway!! If he already thinks you're cool, you will be teaching him a lesson that gay people are cool. Everyone hates gays until they meet one and discover there is no reason to hate them.

  zargon  |  1

"Everyone hates gays until they meet one and discover there is no reason to hate them." I wish. it would be so nice if everyone realized there was nothing wrong with gay people upon meeting them. Rather sad that's not true.

  natsumosam92  |  0

I'm so gay, I'm listening to Erasure as I write. There's nothing wrong with being gay, it's great!


So do a lot of girls... guess you won't be analing anytime soon (:

  hazri  |  0

It will just be ackward in the shower room

  Stacia  |  0

Being gay is better than being paranoid and ignorant, you fucking retard.

By  midwestjerk  |  0

Who cares what some random-ass dorm guy thinks? He'll mean nothing in your life in the long run (chances are 5 years from now you won't even remember his name). Be who you are - it's college, embrace it!

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