By SlappyMcGee - 08/01/2010 00:19 - United States

Today, I was talking to a hot girl at the bus stop. She seemed interested in me and I was feeling a connection forming. When the bus came, I offered to let her board first, but she said it "wasn't her bus" and said goodbye. Later, I realized I'd spent 20 minutes making moves on a prostitute. FML
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perdix 29

A real working prostitute wouldn't waste 20 minutes chatting with a john, she'd ask for a "date" or a "party" and maybe start throwing around some prices for various services. So, you either talked to a girl who thought you were a creeper, or a prostitute who found you so repulsive that she would want to practice her trade on you.


might want to learn something from icanhazcheezeburger. nawt second.

noobgang7 5

when he went down there later and saw her with her four prostitute friends :p

I was wondering how he later realised.

You are a looser. Maybe she would have slept with you for free. You didnt try hard enough.

how did u know she was a prostitud, maybe she was going to a party or maybe she was a pole dancer and was comming or going to work lol

This seems wierd to me... I've never seen a "hot" prostitute... they usually look used and cracked out... not that that stopped.. nevermind, I shouldn't go there

Bahaha! All you had to do was pay the bitch! BTW, what caused you to realize it was a prostitute?

LOL That sucks Yoy must have been in the Mish in SF!! I mean thats the ONLY place where I've seen working girls in the daytime!!

Either that or International Blvd across the bay in Oakland lol.