By SlappyMcGee - 08/01/2010 00:19 - United States

Today, I was talking to a hot girl at the bus stop. She seemed interested in me and I was feeling a connection forming. When the bus came, I offered to let her board first, but she said it "wasn't her bus" and said goodbye. Later, I realized I'd spent 20 minutes making moves on a prostitute. FML
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A real working prostitute wouldn't waste 20 minutes chatting with a john, she'd ask for a "date" or a "party" and maybe start throwing around some prices for various services. So, you either talked to a girl who thought you were a creeper, or a prostitute who found you so repulsive that she would want to practice her trade on you.

hahaha what gave it away?


might want to learn something from icanhazcheezeburger. nawt second.

hahaha what gave it away?

when he went down there later and saw her with her four prostitute friends :p

I was wondering how he later realised.

yes, yes you are.

You are a looser. Maybe she would have slept with you for free. You didnt try hard enough.

Loser* you should learn how to spell

No wonder you felt a connection

how did u know she was a prostitud, maybe she was going to a party or maybe she was a pole dancer and was comming or going to work lol

This seems wierd to me... I've never seen a "hot" prostitute... they usually look used and cracked out... not that that stopped.. nevermind, I shouldn't go there

Bahaha! All you had to do was pay the bitch! BTW, what caused you to realize it was a prostitute?

LOL That sucks Yoy must have been in the Mish in SF!! I mean thats the ONLY place where I've seen working girls in the daytime!!

Either that or International Blvd across the bay in Oakland lol.