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Today, I was babysitting my boss's kids. I brought chocolate for them and the youngest said he had never had chocolate and didn't want any. I told him he should always try new things and should eat it. He did. He's allergic. FML
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Hellsno 0

I call bullshit. Your boss didn't tell you his kid was allergic to chocolate?


I say YDI for giving him something he didn't want, but also FYL cause your boss was too much of a dumbass to tell you his son is allergic to the chocolate.

Basically this. If you're babysitting, particularly as a favour with little experience, you expect the parents to be responsible enough to warn you of any medical conditions the children have. It's a total fail on behalf of the parents: what if the OP had given the child something containing chocolate, which was then eaten unknowingly? The outcome would have been exactly the same, and would be due to a simple lack of presence of mind.

Icalasari 0

YDI? How do they deserve it? If the kid is allergic, they should have told them. Mind you, this is one of those cases where we have a lack of info, but at MOST it would be partially the OP's fault and partially the Boss' fault

StCharlie 0

Someone needs to be exposed at least once to a substance in order to be allergic to it. So either the kids had chocolate before and hes lying, which is weird to lie about, or this is fake.

no, it says the boy had never tried any

I have severe milk allergies that send me into anaphalactic (sp?) shock. I don't expect my parents to be taking care of me or following me around or telling me what to eat. They haven't because they never really bothered to understand it. From the time I was about 4 I knew the words Lactose, Milk, caseinate and casein and could read ingredients very well.

forgive me, im new to this site. what does YDI stand for?

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YDI = you deserved it...and my nephew is severely allergic to everything, my whole family has allergies. My Brother and his wife tell everyone that he is allergic to this and that. They send him with letters telling the daycare what to do if he ingests milk, and peanuts. Glad they don't have those things in the house, or I would fail. But he knows what he doesn't eat, and knew from a very young age. Responsible parents would tell the babysitters that their kid was allergic to something. But then again, maybe they didn't know. But if that's the case, why has this kid never had chocolate before? Are they Vegan and scorn all dairy or animal products (ppl use milk in chocolate most times unless it's dark chocolate and milk comes from cows) But they would tell the OP *original poster* no dairy. Something's fishy here. Either highly negligent parents or babysitter who doesn't listen to parent's warnings...

obviously, the boss didn't know the kid was allergic to chocolate, alot of the time when you are allergic to a substance the idea of eating it puts you off even if you have never been exposed to it. (wich is probably why the kid didn't want any) so, this is nether OPs fault or the parents fault. this is just a bad situation. so, FYL OP

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I don't think OP deserved it. The kid said "I don't want any" and OP simply said "you should try new things". She didn't put a gun to his head and force him to eat it. (This is coming from someone who ABHORS trying new things) If he had repeated that he didn't want it, that's a different story but apparently he didn't. And based on MY interpretation of this FML, it sounds like neither the kid nor the parents were aware of his allergy. And if the parents knew, shame on them for not alarming OP beforehand. So basically, OP was caught in a bad situation, so FYL.

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I call bullshit. Your boss didn't tell you his kid was allergic to chocolate?

Reyo 2

"Yeah, I've never actually tried peanuts...but I'm pretty sure I'm deathly alergic."

#6 it is actually boss' the OP is correct

I'm not sure about that, but since everyone is disagreeing, maybe I'll take your word for it.

KY_Jelly 10

Agreed. The kid didn't want any in the first place. I'm all for trying new things but I hated chocolate as a kid because the first chocolate I remember eating made me hurl. Anyway, YDI for making the poor little kid choke down something he didn't want. PS: Are you fired?

OP simply asked the kid to TRY a piece of chocolate. He didn't force the kid to do anything.

Mind you, the kid never had chocolate before. So he can't say he hates something he hasn't tried yet.

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your ****** up and need to see a docter

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If a kid doesn't want chocolate, don't force him. Say, "Yay! More for me!"

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whyyyyy is it whenever someone watches someone else's kids, they feel the need to pump them full of sugar so they're total maniacs and won't eat their meals when their parents come home? that shit drives me nuts.

Even though boss's is becoming the preferred form, lots of us learned that when words end in s, x, or z, that the possessive is formed by simply adding an apostrophe. We're dinosaurs, but we are not extinct yet.

My original comment disappeared. Oh well. But it's not the RIGHT form. Can't you go get buried in mud and silt like the rest of the fossils!? Kidding.

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My daughter's allergic to peanut butter. We found out when she had some when she was 2. According to her she's never had any because she doesn't remember what happened when she was 2 [she's 5 now]. Also, if for some reason the kid had an allergy test/screening the allergy could have shown up, even if they never ate any. Just saying.....

Hmm, I was taught all throughout school "add 's regardless of the word for singular possessive". I also just read it on about 3 different educational websites. Maybe it's like "homophone"/"homonym". Some schools teach one, some teach the other.


I'm 18 and I've always said boss' and it was never marked wrong in my papers or anything. My English professor even went over it with the class last semester.

Words ending in S and X simply get the apostrophe added onto the end of them, however in all other cases it is 's.

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meh, you guys are too critical....its the boss's fault for not warning OP abt allergies....if i had kids with allergies, its one of the first things i'd tell any sitter...

My mom always pisses me off when she tries to get me to eat something that I've never tried nor do I want to try. You ******* deserve it you idiot. The boss is partially to blame if he/she knew about the allergy and didn't tell you, but still, if someone doesn't want to try something, you don't forcefeed them you stupid twat.

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OMG she's trying to expand your experience of food, poor you. Be grateful for what you're given.

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This should be considered a form of abuse. It kind of was by force in my eyes, being that he didnt want any in the first place. Major YDI.

"i told him he should try new things" oh my god that's so abusive!!! seriously, didn't anyone teach you to take a "no thank you bite" when you were a kid?

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people like you are why children are wimps

"...the youngest said he had never had chocolate..." Learn to read, people. Unless the kid was lying, there's no way the OP could have known.

He had to have had some before if he'd had an allergic reaction. Allergies don't manifest upon novel exposure.