By whatismydadthinking - Australia
Today, I was introduced to my future stepmother, but it turns out that I already know her. Not only are we the same age and went to the same high school, when we were in the same math class together the teacher would often confuse our names because "we could pass as twins". FML
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Or maybe he's still pining over his ex wife and thinks his ex wife is hot, and his daughter just happens to look a lot like her real mom. That's a slightly more optimistic option at least.

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I fall into the habit of saying Math. I only started saying it in Canberra, which has a shitload of foreigners living there. Elsewhere, its called maths.

Btw, thats what you get for being northside (making the assumption of course). No solid southsider would fall for a daughters friend.

  mystomachurts  |  3

Are all of you retarded? The OP probably has her MOM's looks. If her dad fell for someone that looks like her, it is probably because she reminds him of his former wife. It doesn't automatically mean he has the hots for his actual daughter.

  snowball20  |  0

I'm sure there r more stories out there about their dads falling for their best friends blah blah.. wasn't there one where a male OP's dad started hitting on his girl n she broke off with him to be the dad?

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I am just waiting for this FML
today I went to suprise my new wife by coming home and having sex. I started making out with her but it was accidently my daughter. FML

By  oh_mi_shizzle  |  0

that's really suckish and I agree...
nobody wants a mom that has the same math class as you (and possibly age).
and i agree with the other comments be careful so that ur dad doesn't accidently(?) try to make out with you.
dye your hair or something...
wish you luck kid..

  Rixxieee  |  0

pretty much guaranteed that they're the same age if they're in the same maths class. Not saying it's a definite, but it's highly likely.

OP: Move out ASAP

By  Hallelujahrip  |  2

Uggggggghhhh...that just makes my stomach turn. How awkward it would be to have conversations with your "new mom"...time to have a serious conversation with your dad.

By  tomilalala  |  0

Oh my stars.
Dye your hair, and pick a new favourite colour for clothes.
Lock your bedroom door at night.
And during the day.

Oh, and move far, far away as soon as is possible.