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Today, I met my boyfriend's parents. I hope my charm and smile was enough for them to forgive me for not wearing pants. FML
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Hiropon 0

I think it's because the parents walked in on them having sex. o3o

I'm guessing you weren't planning on meeting them today, hence the lack of pants, aye?


no one cares fat sheldon. and why weren't you wearing pants?

Kockdiesel 0

yep, your the first fag to post. amazing job.

How about a magic trick? I'm gonna make this comment disappear. And, it's... gone!

Ajjas013 6

He isn't wearing pants because his mom is coming to visit.

Sam My guess is that they were "getting it on" and they got interrupted :-P

Brittanysway420 0

Ok now that makes sense, it's not complete and didn't make sense!

Ahahaha! It is gone after all. Bye bye, #1.

Blue_Coconuts 7

Do you have a nice butt? I bet the dad didn't mind at least!

kieran247 0

so basicly you were wearing shorts or something and making it seem really bad? cause I doubt you can just forget pants

Ajjas013 6

She wants us to guess why she wasn't wearing pants.

Ajjas013 6

You seem pretty intelligent. (NOT REALLY)

beware of snickerdoodles on this FML...

Ajjas013 6

Your eyebrows just scream "Hi, I'm Samantha, and I'm super intelligent (NOT REALLY)"

at least you spelled that right :-p jk... typing on an iPhone / ITouchMyself is really tough...

nvandiver123 1

this happened to me today to my girlfriend snickerdoodles. my mom just thought she was holding a hairy dog and didn't know she was pantless. really it was just her bush

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

Ajjas FYL for looking like the biggest nerd in the world. Ugly douche

Blue_Coconuts 7

@94, that actually made me laugh out loud. Kudo's to you kind sir.

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Kind of random... what does your username mean? Is your name something relating to Ajjas? Sorry. :) This is a strange FML...

I can't beleive how much confusion there was over this, especially since there are like 10 other FMLs just like it everyday.

ALEX920 0

your so stupid why do you think why she's not wearing pants?

kkamp516 10

Lol this might sound stalkerish but your like, really hot! lol

kkamp516 10

it means original poster, quick is like the person who wrote the fml.

kkamp516 10

whick is like I mean. srry. I'm typing from an iPod touch right now. :P

CustomFerrari 0

stupid nerd with shitty hair go loose ur virginity ignorant ****

XCaLX_fml 0

wait who are you guys talking about lol

Okay this has been bugging me for a long time. Why do you people feel the need to type lol after every sentence? "Wait who are you guys talking about lol?" I have no problem using lol when something really makes you laugh out loud or even if something is just funny, but adding it in randomly is just annoying. If people actually laughed out loud whenever they typed lol, it would be creepy.

@Andrea The poster of this fml is implying that she met his parents after they walked in on them having sex. Unless we all assumed wrong and she doesn't wear pants, in which case WTF?

136: Honestly if you don't like what I say then please don't read it

because it's how I type and well if you don't like it you'll just have to deal that's your problem not mine I'm not here to correct what I do and Im not trying to start anything and to 140 ohh haha thanks (:

Ajjas013 6

Wait, I don't get a medal for looking like a douche?

what a welcome ... oh my ass says hello :) say hello to them ass *ass goes up and down* best hello ever! WIN!! ;)

if you look at lol it sorta looks like some one throwing thier arms up and saying whoo hoo lol < whoo hoo. ok I need sleep, I am thinking to much here.

Ajjas013 6

I have no clue S: nothing I say makes sense any more.

it's perfectly acceptable to wear skirts, too.

TacosAreGoodForY 0

136 i actually laughed at the thought of some random guy just laughing at his computer

tehamericanboy94 0

Hmmmm I smell a *****...maybe it's the OP? Nawwww

@109, I actually had to take 10 minutes out if my day, create a ******* FML account, and post this comment to tell you what a dumb bitch you are. just stop trying to think, you're gonna hurt yourself

Then don't waste your time nobody told you to read my stuff okay you don't have to move on to the next one your just wasting your time and breathe trying to argue okay let me do what I do and you can do whatever it is that you do okay. I'm not here to fight you can hate all you want but don't piss me off you won't like the ending.

psyc213 1

HURR DURR I CAN MAEK EMPTY THRETS OVER TEH INTERNETS HUUURRR Honestly, you should follow what you preach because you came back to this FML at least 3 different times. Seems like your obsessed about getting your opinion across for someone you DON'T want to argue with. Your intellect, problem solving, and analytical skills aren't your best subjects so stop using them. Or learn how to use them so you don't raise the flag of "DUMB ASS" over your head every time you use your brain.

Ajjas013 6

No, I wanted a medal. Not a flag &gt;_

psyc213 1

#201@#198 But you can have a cookie in the shape of a medal if it eases the pain, 202.

Andrea, is it really too much trouble to type in a way that doesn't make us have to decipher it? You could stick a period in there every now and then. And actually someone did ask us to read your post. YOU did when you posted them.

xoconnie 8

andrea just shutup, ur SO annoying. im glad i dont know u in personnnn goshhhh. just stop speaking/ typing. seriously.stfu!(: also, op ur stupid, lock a door. its ur fault ur so stupid. phewwww im glad i got that off my chest.! :D K BYE EVERYONE!

pipp360 0

@201,204, and 207. thank you I'm glad to know that some people on here enjoy reading posts that are legible. and to the bitch I originally talked to, really, what are you gonna do to me over the internet? call me an asshole? now go back to your kindergarten-level books and let me know when your IQ raises above 7

Blackiechan85 0

hahaha. damn you kids are brutal!!!

shut the **** up stupid ass I never said I was gonna hurt you did I I said you wouldn't like the ending if anyone a dumb bitch it's you cause first off I said I wasn't here to start a fight so just do whatever you do.

bugmenotmofo 34

Um I guess my mind is not in gutter or I am not very good at comprehending but I thought she meant that she met his parents and wore a dress or a skirt but found out his parents are super conservative... I don't see where the "charm" part would play in if the parents caught them having sex.

220, I can't even respond to that... it's barely even a sentence. I read it like three times and all I can get from it is the fact that you're angry. maybe you should consider just shutting up now

it wasn't a suggestion, it was a command. anyways, I'm tired of going through new FML's and having to find this one, just so I can reply to you. I'll just harass you in some more recent posts if I find you. goodbye.

NIRVANAfan123 0

162- when u see someone drowning lol call for help :)

lucyy123 14

Um obviously her parents walked in on them....

kaileebug 0

my guess is they were having sex...

nah why u gotta think dirty? i'm sure they were simply playing twister... gf trips, pants rip off, gf lands on bf's disco stick. then boom parents walk in and wanna join

I feel bad for the people who don't get this post lol if your boobs are big enough your bf's dad never saw a thing now for his mom..another story (;

kkamp516 10

dude, a disco stick is a *****, and I don't see why op's boyfriend would have one (unless he's gay). God, learn to use words properly, dumbass. lol jk

obviously they were getting it on haha and his parents happened to come upon them.... the girl was trying to insinuate the awkwardness of the situation.

Pants are for L7 WEENIES. You're better off without them.

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gtdoll 0

Thank you. You just made my night. ,__, (^.^) (__) -"--"- しねよ。

cowgod 0

because she was fat, my good ******

Have you ever heard of the evil twaid-wearing carpet-eating puppy-killing juice-drinking sandwich-making fish-catching window-cleaning bottle-opening orange-peeling tv-watching star-gazing person-stalking water-saving chip-munching ice road truckers? That's the reason why.


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@170 lmao u made my day btw lmao is the new lol!!! lmao

sierralovesyou 0

Lol for realz!! People are stupid...

Bugatti_Veyron 1

try wearing pants next Time.

I'm guessing you weren't planning on meeting them today, hence the lack of pants, aye?

missvee98324 0

hahaaa(: pS sam i like your pic [no ****]

saucyfizzle 0

well at least they got a good look at who their son is dating

Smilzen 0

A good look at where their grandkods are coming from...

Smilzen 0

Ha ha! Grand"kods"...sorry, everybody. YOU try typing typo-free on these damn iPhizzles.

I do everyday it's hard!! lol grandkods. cod Is a type of fish.

Hiropon 0

I think it's because the parents walked in on them having sex. o3o

I think this is too, or they showed up earlier than she thought