By steakysteak - 12/03/2010 15:06 - United States

Today, I got a package in the mail from my girlfriend. I was really excited until I realized that it was just a box full things that I gave to her. FML
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farsidee 0

Sell all of it!

Dude I'm so sorry I told her to do that after I got done busting in her.

that must suck ;(

@7 OP is a Chick dude!

hahaha joke backfire

They must have recently graduated from college. Lesbo phase over. :(

Blue_Coconuts 7

Nooooo everytime a hot lesbian couple breaks up God kills a kitten. :(

no when a lesbo gets together he kills a kitten

Monikabug 9

OP, I am so sorry girl. Your girlfriend broke up with you in one of the most harsh ways that I can think of. I say that you just take all of the things she sent you and get rid of it all. Just take it, box and all, and put in your garbage can. Throw it all away, along with any feelings that you have left for a hateful person like her. There are tons of beautiful, worthy women in the world. Go out and find you the perfect one. Good luck on your lovelife, but for now, FYL sweetie! :)

SeasonedSausage 0

Now you gather a pile of belongings of hers like bras, panties, tampons etc. and send it back in the mail.

chrisparty 0

huh so ur a lesbian?

Eeeeeewww New Jersey lesbians

amerrah 4

Its gonna be a new true life episode. "im a jersey shore lesbian"

Aw : ( That's depressing

such a subtle break-up....fyl

That's one way of breaking up I guess... heartlessly.

spicayyy 0

you'll be alright, there are better girls out there in the world(:

at least you got your stuff back? that sucks OP but if she was that heartless its probably for the better. unless you did something to deserve it.

did she send you pride back too?

youch that stings! sorry to hear that dude :(. BUT maybe ydi? 2 sides man, 2 sides.

iamchuck 0

Better than picking them up off the front lawn.

Hopefully there was some good stuff in there! Or maybe you gave her nothing good, so that's why she's giving it back?

Oh cool, a lesbian ... If your girlfriend gave you back any "pictures," she probably already saved them and posted them to a porn site. :D

Don't be such an ass.