By pumpkinlover89 - 27/03/2010 08:26 - United States

Today, I waked in on my boyfriend and his best friend playing "Dick Wars" while wearing glow in the dark condoms. FML
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matt1337c 0

They're so gay. Was it hot?

wait u said ur boyfriend and his best friend..... don't you mean ex boyfriend and his new boyfriend


matt1337c 0

They're so gay. Was it hot?

WTF is all I can say

ah ha x very hot :S threesome opertunity tho ",

what the heck, that's weird. you should break up with him

monkeysbutthole 0

ummm..nice game :D

Dismissal 4

How is this an FML? I would have been entertained. :D Weird but hilarious.

rohosoccer08 1

that's kinda creepy, makes them sound really gay!

klumzy0123456789 6

hahahahahahahaha thatt suxx.

I would have been entertained too. Probably would have snuck a few pictures or some video. That's HILARIOUS! Lol.

ImSoBaKed 0

WTF=. 'What? Threesome Fags' is all I can say

WTF Thats gay. LMFAO anyway glow in the dark condoms LMFAO!

I second that!

wait u said ur boyfriend and his best friend..... don't you mean ex boyfriend and his new boyfriend

You should have gotten them to team up and penetrate your Death Star from both sides.

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AngryNinja 1

I actually find this slightly amusing.. I'm surprised OP didn't play the Princess Leia angle. What a waste!

hahaha tht reminds me of a joke ... why do they make colored condoms? so the gay guys can play light sabers!! haha

fashionista_92 0

dude awsome name lol and OP that's hella gay I hope u broke up with him

TapeMan_3000 0

lol 79

I see your shwartz is bigger than mine

u r stupid if u reallu believe that.. I don't like it but who r u to judge!!

Entertaining, yes, but they both have hard-ons with no one else around.. so they're hard for each other?

LOL 79!!! hilarious! but seriously, that's cool. where can I get those glow in the dark condoms?

who cares if they're gay? get the fuck over it. btw, this is hilarious.

momof2grls06 0

sounds like a couple of fags to me!

icall_BS 0

Holy fuck I want some glow-in-the-dark condoms.

Gumblebum100 0

I say you hve one of three choices: 1. Join the fun, but remember to be creative 2. Break up with him and find a new boyfriend 3. Or, hey he's going gay so why not go lezbian?

LMAO tht seems sooooooo gay but stil LMAO worthy lol

Jrook 0

90 that isn't a joke. it's just stupid

Wow, um wow really that's gay.

hahaha not gay, just wierd, but that's funny

the force is strong with this one.

iCanMakeYoBEDROC_fml 0




he is so gay y would u ask that? r u gay?

Snugglez 0

haha that's some funny gay who won?

Krista19 1

Threesome? At least they used protection.

This isn't an FML, i thought chicks liked gay guys. It's only a fml if their lightsabers shrunk and went away once op entered the room

where did my comment go?! I saiiiiid! that's hawt(;

hey y'all r judge mental what if op was a dude.???? it never says it wasn't and what if the point was he was cheating on him????

amerrah 4

NEVER cross swords... Your boyfriend sounds like a badass.

reminds me of the movie college

zachhasse 0

16 I totally agree except u would have joined

zachhasse 0


nolasaints 0

haha that's so gay. sounds like something 8 year olds would do. f is for fags and funny fucking

urface132 0

and the problem is ???????

bigE32 0

Are those the same glow-in-the-dark condoms from an fml a while ago?

BoWZeR 1

maybe he has cancer

ok, flying off the handle there. talk about it but he might be a little bi unless you know he is, then I don't think it's that bad. I bet this was somewhat shocking though.

ur br 'was' in the closet, not anymore. he's gay for playing sword fights with his bff. how could it get more gay than that? FYL OP

I would not appreciate witnessing my bf playing dick wars with someone. it would disgust me.

orgyz 0

Was the other guy hot, lol?

totally agree with # 4. WTF

oh wow that's disturbing I am sorry for u

.. that's fuckin hilarious hahaha. kinda gay but.. I definitly want to know were to get glow in the dark condoms haha

Then the best friend turned to him and revealed that he's, in fact, his father.

I'm sorry but your bf is have to be hard to wear a condom and he can do that while staring at his best friends dick

they're either curious or gay. dump him. not an fml

JuniorPwnz 0

so Thats Why They Made Glow In The Dark Condoms Soo Men Could Play Star Wars. :D

Lmao!!! that made my day.

lol they were swordfighting

lol lightsabers

Pics or it didn't happen

xoconnie 8

may the force of gayness be with you. but seriouusllyyy thats pretty gay and also VERY weird. omg they are MORE than bestfriends!

I think I speak for everyone here when I say: So? Who won?

WingsFan80 4

homos lol

mcme 0

You should have snuck near them in the dark and grabbed your bf's dick

Felendris 0


epicfailburger 0

you should have played along and asked if chewbaca could join the battle

want to see dick wars ?

wow lmao i wonder how many guys actually have "dick wars"

badadam97 0

dam! u took my comment lol

slash1500 0

wow that's pretty gay

"Use the force, Luke... I've run out of lubricant!"

ok duh its gay get over it and pist something worth reading

the best things in life are free aren't they?

Thabb 0

No one can recognize a threesome when they see one...

how do u play??? and it sounds like he's really gay/bi

iluvevil01 11

I agree with #193 it didn't clarify that op was a girl.

iamwilson12 4

Why doea the boyfriend have to be gay? Nobody's heard of bi-sexuals? .___.

hahahaha wow lol that's hilarious.... and yet very disturbing

Averizzle 0

I lold^

you sorta look like Justin beiber....

Justin beiber is gay. the guys who play dick wars are awesome, not gay. (maybe bi though...)

well we now all know that #61 is a very educated person

soleilkitty 0

Wow who pissed in 61's cornflakes? Calm down, it's just FML.

You look like my best friends little brother... He's ten

justin beiber is a douche...

deannagarcia 0

61 obviously plays dick wars too!

kekelala3 0

who the _____ are you callinba nigger _______?

hes def a douche he sounds like an 8 year old girl

057alf 0

omg he really does but ye seriously lawl I roffled for long time ha ha

madmonkeykilla 0

159 I murdered Justin beieber and your a bitch and you like to eat out other women

loski87 4

wooow where are the mods?? 61 that was completely uncalled for...

loski87 4

and by the way JUSTIN BEIBER is effin great.

orgyz 0

No, Justin Bieber is adorable in a baby kind of way. Not sexy, though. Nope. At least not until he reaches "that stage". 

Iowa123 0

Justin Bieber? Erm... okay, well some people are mentally challenged. Can't help it. But no, he's not a douche.™

threesome now u Gots to glow in tha dark dicks

chloeeXD 0


bunnylover1 0

pathetic but hilarious

more like fruitcake wars. next thing you know they will come out of a closet doing the elephant walk. then they will attend nude grab a ding a ling parties with black guys like they showed on 60 minutes.

your bf is doing his best friend behind your back FYI :D

if they were both hard.. is that.. okay? :S

mistershlong 0

nice rack but your kinda fat

75, don't you mean behind his back? Or from the back? Etc.

127, was that necessary?

lovin_darkness 0

lets hope they're bi, so maybe you can get lucky lol ;)

Guerilla8 0

I bet he used force lightning all over you.

quikwit1212 0


holbrook_fml 0

woah that not wierd at all

beiberlookalike1 0

omfg yummmm... ohh ohh ahhhh!!! yesss....

Um.... What the fuck?

uh maybe u should break up with ur bf if hes cheating on u with a guy. whut a faggot playing dick wars thats so fuking disturbing its not even funny. i hope hes ur ex now...

your man is offically gay lmao

it's not gay unless the balls touch

Damn, that's right. All these years, it never occurred to me.