By helpfulmom - 26/07/2009 18:39 - Canada

Today, my mom taught my boyfriend of 2 weeks how to put on a condom. FML
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At least you can be safe now.

Well atleast she won't kill you for having sex now.... o.0


At least you can be safe now.

What we now need to know. Did she simply explain, or did it involve her giving him a proper instructional walk through?

did she use her mouth? do you have pics?

ew, you're gross.. to OP, that's awkward. time for some mommy daughter sex talks.

he didn't know how??

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well if he forgets, I can teach him!! I can teach him soo many things sweetie he'll never forget them!! jkk

did she help him wear it or just told him how to put it on and she just watched to make sure he got it right ????

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Well atleast she won't kill you for having sex now.... o.0

#2 has a very good point haha most moms wouldn't even think about doing that...

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It would be worse if she repressed you two.

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exactly. at least she's ok with you having sex, especially after only dating 2 weeks! what a cool mom!!

epic awkwardness....

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How? Verbal, with gestures or...WTF? How does a guy who is old enough to fuck not know how to put on a condom anyway?

you'd be surprised...

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Do yourself a favor and practice before you need to. Seriously, I'm trying to be helpful, not critical.

I agree, practice before you need to, it will probably take you some time your first time and you don't want to kill the mood. Also: Pray that you never need them. I hate the damn things.

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Aww that sucks.

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um. did she demonstrate?

oh god, now you put freaky images into my head. lets hope the OP's mom is a MILF

Lets hope for the Banana. ... or better.

with her mouth right?

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looks like your bf is cheating on you with a milf

And it's the OP's M who's the ILF!!

thanks for explaining that one, didn't get it yet.

skyttlz 32

what is a MILF??

what you just said, and it's the op's mother who is the I'd like to fuck... nice

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Did he not know how? Or was she just making sure..? Either way: Awkwardddd...

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hey beautiful