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Today, I found out that my 50-year-old Father is the 'Sugar Daddy' to a 20-year-old. He wasted my college funds on her, which I have been dutifully saving for ever since I was 10. FML
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ikr? can't say prick enough times to explain this hunk a' crap

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you can sue him for it if u saved up the money he can't touch it expecially if it's in the bank for a spacific reason say collude funds

Ya know! That father not dad anymore, is a whoremonger AND generally just a POS!!


F**k youre dad over... Tell his little **** that the MONEY that he's been spending on her was all yours and that their is more where that came from, after she leaves you're dad for you f**k her cum on her face take a pic and TELL HER TO GO F**K HERSELF AND TO GET THE F**K OUT OF YOURE HOUSE!!(push her out naked then throw her clothes too lol) After that save the pic as you're dads wallpaper for he's comp lol. That'll teach the stupid basterd to f**k with you!!

why do these people let their parents have access to their bank accounts? my parents ain't touching my savings

OMG I WOULD MURDER HIM, or just make him give me the money back

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looks like it's time for you to get a sugar daddy

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was she hot? if so, congrats dad!

"For ever" and "since I was ten" don't work together.

The words "for" and "ever" were not meant to be used as a phrase. If you rewrote the sentence, it could say, "I had been saving money FOR college EVER since I was 10." Ever goes with the since I was 10 part. If the OP had intended to use the word forever, they would've made it one word.

stick him in the worse nursing home you can find when he's old and broke; don't come to visit. that's what I'm going to do to my dad. he stole my info and cleaned me out of 10k.

@47: If s/he's under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian has to have their name on the account also. If s/he's had the account since the age of 10, even if s/he is 18, I'd guess it never got changed. OP: Your father sucks. That's messed up.

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Need to borrow my Metal Baseball Bat OP?

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"[a college fund] I have been saving for, ever since I was ten" the sentence does make sense, she just forgot the comma

This FML seems too fantastic to be true.

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59, lol HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! and make him work his ass if to repay you. in six months! MWAHAHAHA!!!!!

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it looks like (puts on sunglasses) somebodys going to pay

You are a terrible, terrible person. The OP saved up the money, and the father greedily stole it to impress someone as bad as a *****.

umm OP didn't put the comma if they did it would have been "...saving for, ever since I was ten." if you were actually smart you would know that when forever is written as one word it means everlasting and when written as two words means something different

Holy crap, I would kill her. And my dad.

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he wasted the money you've been saving on her???

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^ moron. Move out and sue him then report him to the police

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I would have beat the shit out of both of them

wow number two, you're so stupid the money that she's been saving for college why would she save money for her dads little stut bag. ??

no shit sherlock, did you not read the fml? Anyway.. op im sooooo sorry, i hate assholes.

sorry, fml screwed up, that was to go to #2.

#2 there is a thing called reading, dumbass

A Mormon moron, as opposed to a regular moron? [Shrugs.] Okay, then! If you insist. You're a Mormon moron.

Maybe you didn't understand. Imagine it like this: he wasted the money you've been saving, on her!? While this would not be correct, I think its referring to the disbelief that the father would spend it on her, not that the OP saved it for the woman dating her father.

Was that a robot with feelings reference, #66? If it was, kudos, my man.

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my cousins do that, they save all there Christmas and birthday money so they can have money for college, I would laugh if they get scholorships

If they get scholarships, they get their school paid for AND a huge chunk of money to put toward a car or travel or something great ... why would you laugh at that?

Oh hell to the no take back all your money and give him an effing earful about your fathers a man hoe screw him but I'm sorry to you

^ This, I believe, should be your line of attack OP.

This ^^^. You should try and get a little of the ass you have been paying for.

right on. you did pay for those new **** afterall. Silicone...draining college funds since 1961.

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I feel for you OP. My dad played actually married his ***** who is 20 years his junior. Now they are divorced and she's after his money. He can't say we didn't warn him. He should have been thinking with his other head. Have your dad arrested.

How old are you now? If you're not legal yet I wonder how much you could have saved. Just wondering.

Does it really matter how much he'd saved? The point is it was his money, now his college fund is gone and its all because of the one person he's supposed to be able to trust. FYL OP, take him down :)

Did I say it mattered, or did I say I was JUST WONDERING? Oh hey, I did. Also, if it was $10,000 it would matter a little more then say, $20.

I think it's the principle that is the upsetting factor. dad cares more about the ***** than his own child. FYL OP :(

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Comment #32 is just dripping with PMS

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Wow. If it were $20, sugar daddy would be more like a high fructose corn syrup daddy. Really though, that would make this whole FML even better on so many levels. Thanks for the perspective Limo.