By vistingherfamily - 25/11/2011 02:09 - United States

Today, I met my girlfriend's family. Her mother wants us to stay in separate bedrooms, and I was happy to oblige since I'm staying at their house. But because there isn't an extra room, we have to stay together. Upon entering the house, her mom searched our bags for condoms and birth-control pills. FML
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stormer461 13

I always come prepared with the condom already on. They never think to check there.

She will be amazed when she learn what "pull out" technique is.


She will be amazed when she learn what "pull out" technique is.

blackheart24 10

Or there is always the Get Him to the Greek method where you hide the drugs (In this case condoms/birth control pills) up your butt. Very effective and easy to conceal.

Oh yeah considering if they do that 9 months later there will be 3 going through that same door.

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Parents just get to me now days... would they rather have their child safe & protected, or pregnant with an STD? Seriously, it's not that hard of a decision! We are all going to have sex at one point or another.

This sounds like the parents of a guy who I just broke up wth(best decision ever).

#13, I'd certainly never risk it, yet I've known couples married for 20 years, where that actually worked for them... (and they actually successfully planned when they'd have their kids.) (I fully realise it's entirely unreliable, but it's hardly guaranteed that it will fail.)

I know from personal experience that "pulling out" isn't always going to prevent pregnancy. Just like basketball you have to dribble a little before you shoot. Some men that dribble is enough to do it.

Hey any of you considered that they might want grand children ? No protection ?

#49 Well, no birth control is 100% effective. Condoms can break; birth control can fail; hell, condoms and birth control together can still lead to pregnancy.

You know... I don't believe that always works. #experience

105 I realize that, I was just stating that the "pull out" method is more likely to cause it.

27, the mother isn't an idiot. she knows sex without a comdom equals a kid or an STD. She does jot want them to have sex before marriage, and if they had comdoms or pills, guess what they were planning on doing.

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Seems like you two don't have to worry about grand-kids pressure any time soon.

maybe she was checking for birth control pills and condoms cause she wanted them to have grandkids

Then why would she want them in separate bedrooms? I think she'd have set up a love nest if she wanted them to procreate.

Well she sounds over paranoid good luck op

If he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear.

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You would think since it's her house that she would have known there were no extra rooms.

stormer461 13

I always come prepared with the condom already on. They never think to check there.

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How old were you when you grew your condom??? Mine hasn't grown on yet...

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60- Make sure you get one, so you don't have babies. Because don't you hate babies?

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If your old enough to live on your own, it's really none of her business though even though she should take birth control.

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Momma said, you need to be married before you eat the forbidden fruit!

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Should? Do you know what birth control can do to a womans chances of getting pregnant when she actually wants to?

47 - Not shit. reminds me of a crazy Jesus freak teacher I had in high school that told us if you take birth control, you'll end up barren. Lmao. My mom was on the pills for 10 years and when she stopped taking them she got pregnant 3 weeks later.

joa76 3

Little science fact, #47. Taking the pill has no effect whatsoever on one's fertility after taking the pill (except perhaps in the first month or so as the body readjusts). If a woman IS less fertile after being on the pill, it is only because she is older and fertility decreases with age. And if you have trouble getting pregnant after going off the pill, and you've never been pregnant before, how do you know you wouldn't have had the same trouble regardless?

just shit on her face on poke holes in her condums

She's right, I was a leutenant back in '96 when we had a very important mission to assasinate a weapon smuggler, the top priority on our list. It was in prypiat, I was sleeping when the window of opportunity to assasinate the guy passed. Needless to say, he's still alive and the main catalist for WWIII. Sleeping is not an option!!!!!

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So... When you were two years old, you were killing people? Are you Stewie griffin or some shit?

Did she find them? You have to conceal these things in a very discreet place. Like for example: I strap them around my thigh, nobody looks there.

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Can't you sleep on a couch or something?