By Anon - 04/08/2013 05:36 - Australia - Perth

Today, my girlfriend's dad pulled out the chocolate-flavoured condom that went missing under the couch. FML
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Everyday_Galaxy 14

Hopefully it was an unused chocolate condom.

Good thing everyone likes chocolate.


hm well isn't that just yummy

He found it. He didn't eat it.

no he didnt... that was the girlfriends job.

He should put it on a cake.

Gross... Poor father. :(

what i dont get is why parents are so horrified at finding condoms: "oh no! my child is taking precautions to avoid pregnancy and STI's!"

Everyday_Galaxy 14

Hopefully it was an unused chocolate condom.

But who doesn't love a cream filled chocolate egg?

chocolate egg ? no more like a chocolate covered twinkie

Good thing everyone likes chocolate.

Not anymore I don't.

PterodactylMan 23

Isn't it better when you find chocolate you didn't know you lost?

CommonSenseKarma 17

I'd suck a dick but only if it was dark chocolate-flavored

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Wizardo 33

#4 I'm pretty sure that was OP's intention before he lost the condom and his girlfriends dad has no business poking around in their personal lives, if OP is cool then dad should be cool.

CaiDog 20

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I think I have to agree with #11. What are any of you even talking about? Stop trying so hard to be funny.

4 - I tried to laugh and joke, but there came no laugh, and there was no joke. I'm sorry to disappoint you :(

i think 4 missed out the word 'found'

O_O I DID forget the word found... I just noticed that... That's also not the first time. I end up thinking faster than I type and even when I proofread... it looks perfectly correct... Sorry about that!

I guess he burst your bubble.

Chocolate bubble. Maltesers!!!

Steve95401 49

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I'm sure they'll find a way.

In the end anything is better then him catching you in the act. At least in this situation you are fully clothed and prepared to run away.

bandeek 30

And he knows they used protection.

sematariux 7

56, obviously they didn't.. The condom got lost

You should have looked for it a little harder

Was her dad suspicious of you? Your lesson is never throw your used condoms under the couch! You never know who is going to find them.

It's an Oreo condom, OP- Chocolate on the outside, creamy filling inside!!

ItsAnanya 25

I don't think I can ever look at an Oreo the same way again. Thanks.

...or a used chocolate condom either!! It's a 2-fer! You're welcome!!