By mary - 21/02/2012 15:33 - Australia

Today, I managed to cut myself on a piece of chocolate. FML
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Looks like it's time to start putting my line of chocolate knives on the market.

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Best way to hide murder evidence. Eat it :)

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Hey, you got blood on my chocolate!

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Well, if you ever go to prison you should be just fine.

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That's something to put on your resumé...

52 - love your pic. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is an awesome movie

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OP, that takes a lot of skill. Be proud while putting the band-aid on.

28 & 35 - And so, OP's Pieces(TM) were created.

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That's stupid, just don't cut yourself and you wont bleed.

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I hope there is gonna be be a follow-up on this one, cause i seriously gotta know how OP pulled this one off.

I am thinking it must have been frozen chocolate.

Did she cut herself on chocolate or with chocolate? I'm confused. O_o

Seriously, how does one manage to do such a thing? How??

people she was eating leftover Halloween candy and some pedo freak put a razor in her candy

178- We don't do Halloween in Australia.

Sharp piece of chocolate that had been in the fridge maybe? I don't know, this is more ridiculous than the time i cut myself with a crisp. Also, OP probably meant they cut their inside of their mouths, not normal skin.

Ah... Silly foreigners calling chips "crisps"...

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I don't understand why people eat chocolate. It is bad for you, just like exercising.

What are you talking about? Chocolate isn't bad every once in a while. It's scientifically proven by professionals that eating dark chocolate every once in a while is GOOD for your heart. Exercising is obviously good. You my friend are stupid

You people are **** tards. He is obviously being sarcastic about chocolate and exercising. People on the Internet are just getting more and more stupid.

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We know he's being sarcastic, he's just not funny

145: I now dubb you "TANNERISLAMECAUSEHEISAFUCKTARD" And i steal your shoelaces for using such profane language! Wash your ******* mouth!

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Must have been some tasty chocolate.

The only way to make this image mentally pleasing is if a jet pack is included.

Looks like we know who felt the pain here...

205- I think I speak for everybody when I ask u, WTF?

255, I think It might be some of the lyrics to that song

Someone is trying to tell you to stop with the chocolate.

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Didn't your mother always tell you to check your Halloween candy?

Ehhh i stabbed myself with a spoon once on accident...

and i thought i was dumb for cutting myself with a butter knife bu accident once....

Well just cause she managed to cut herself with a piece of chocolate doesnt mean you're not dumb for managing to cut yourself with a butter knife.

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...or dumb for typing like a blindfolded giraffe. Yeah, a blindfolded giraffe. It'll be hard for someone to get offended at that. Besides said giraffe.

maybe the chocolate had just come or of the fridge or freezer?

That doesn't sound too sweet... Go sucky puns, go!

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We should "kiss" it and make it better.

I bet this fml post got quite a lot of "snickers".