By mommabuser - 01/07/2012 15:59

Today, my daughter's hamster pulled the water bottle off the glass, so I decided to super-glue the bottle back on. We came back an hour later to see if it had stuck, only to find both the bottle and rodent glued to the glass. FML
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Why... WHY would you put something with wet superglue in a cage with a living creature? Especially something essential to its survival? I hope the poor thing is okay - you should know better.


mylifesucks_fml 1

why would they super glue the bottle on?! there's things that can hold it in place or you can move it...

Why would you superglue it on? How would you take it off to refill it?

You poke a hole on the top.. Not rocket science

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You're right, it's NOT rocket science. The whole mechanism that makes it work is suction, which is ruined if u poke a hole in the top and the air comes in.

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55 - The bottle most likely isn't pressurized. Most use gravity and a tiny bearing that the hamster pushes in to drink. Poking a hole really wouldn't make a difference. God I love rocket science

As much as Im a bonafide animal lover.. the image those simple sentences invoked had me spitting my cereal across the room! ...If i hadn't almost choked to death I definitely wouldn't have been able to fight off a giggle! :S

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why would u leave the hamster in the cage whilst waiting for the glue to dry?! it's common sense OP!!

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Please tell me it didn't die D': that would absolutely ruin my day

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15- Fitting with the Fluttershy pic X3

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22- Glad to see the intended effect worked ;)

Hiimhaileypotter 52


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OP commented on the third page, saying the hamster ended up not being harmed.

Why... WHY would you put something with wet superglue in a cage with a living creature? Especially something essential to its survival? I hope the poor thing is okay - you should know better.

Needless to say, the fumes cannot be good for the hamster...

bertman21 5

Eff the hamsters life not yours op you fool

I wanna fit in so I'll start my comment of with "at least"

Oh yeah the comment ... "at least the hamster won't get thirsty"

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Fitting in: you're doing it wrong.

alliewillie 22

Scary thing is she raised (at least one) child with this kind of common sense. Did you use to superglue your kid's sippy cup to his fingers so he wouldn't drop it?

your hamster has a glass cage....FANCY!

Hamsters arent gonna have aqauariums...

My hamster rides a pony (see pic) now that's fancy.

how did op get the hamster off the glass?

cassiebear7652 7

Prob peeled him off or cut his fur.. No biggie it was an accident

I bet they had to cut it's fur, since it was super glue.

Nail polish remover can take off superglue. But with the lack of common sense OP has I bet she didn't do that.

missnuthin 10

Nail Polish Remover. Make sure it has acetone in it. It should loosen the glue enough you can gently pull the poor critter off.

It'll make the poor animal either die of the fumes or trip balls. A haircut is a safer option here, seeing the damage they've already caused. Even if you thought it was okay to put superglue in there, WHY would you leave the animal in there until it dried? Surely you know how easy it is to glue your fingers together- and if it's caused damage to the installation before; why would you expect its behavior to change when you glued it? Idiot.

Error504 6

And have you considered it not being glued to the rodent's fur, but its hairless pieces of its body? No hair cutter can break it free if the problem is THAT.

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Well you must have scored a perfect on the iq test hahaha

16 - Or her daughter. "Today, I came home from school to find my hamster super-glued to the side of his cage. I found out that my mother, in a moment of great stupidity, thought that gluing the hamster's water bottle to the side of the cage while he was still in there was a good idea. I can't get him unstuck. FML."