By OnlyMe - 08/10/2009 15:29 - United States

Today, I realized that I broke up with a man that loved me and was great in bed but was afraid of commitment, to be with a man that loves me, that is great in bed, and wants to be with me forever. So what's the problem? Now that we are committed, he won't get it on with me anymore. FML
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LeStab 4

Badly written?

No no. guy #1: nice, can sex, doesnt like commitment. she left him for guy #2. Guy #2 can sex, is nice, and is not afraid of commitment. but now that theyre committed, he won't sex her. So basically she found a guy to marry. married him, let herself go, now he wont sex her.


livelifetodeathx 0

Wow. Just wow.

don't comment if all ur gonna say is 'first' because it's useless an it frankly pisses everyone off -.-

mekzikinz 0

ummm ...

You sure know how to pick the guys dont you? haha

You're needy.

leggyxo 0

Im extremely confused.

Jbiebs82 0


wowthatshorrible_fml 0

# 4 me too r both of the guys gay I'm confused

jennadol95 0

uhmmm.. okay then..?

superstephen4 5

you dumped him for another person?

Learn how to read.

Cheaters never prosper.

you totally deserved it. now chew your food.

this shit sucks