By mishie1 - 21/2/2012 12:44 - United States
Today, I received the first compliment from the opposite sex that I've gotten in months, from an elderly, cross-dressing man in the parking lot of Goodwill. Apparently my clothes look like they'd be "exciting to try on." FML
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  rattusrattus  |  18

Dude, I 'crossdress' sometimes (damn froufrou women's section) and I ain't a lesbian.

Actually, gay men have a much lower proportion of crossdressers than straight men do.

  sissycullen  |  4

it doesn't really matter how she dresses. I don't understand why that's such a big deal nowadays. but seriously, the fact you were able to recognize this as an FML is promising.

  crimsonprodigy  |  15

Well maybe she has one of those radiant aura's where every guy is afraid of rejection and never says anything. In which case this was a brave cross dresser and possibly a keeper!

  downtime  |  12

My YDI was for expecting guys to compliment you everywhere you go. Seriously, why are you taking note of such things? Imagine if there was a guy bitching about not being complimented in months by women, would you expect a response other than "who gives a crap"?