By Anonymous - 24/01/2013 00:17 - United Kingdom - Canterbury

Today, I made my first snowman ever, and then cried when my big brother kicked it to pieces. I'm 27. FML
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Those things are a lot of work. Personally I would be distraught if that happened to me.


In the newspaper "le journal de montreal", this morning, there's an article about a guy who's at the hospital right now because he tried to rape a snowman. be glad you don't live here, your snowman only got kicked.

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That's a douche bag move on your brothers part... truthfully I'm a nice person but I would have no problem punching him in the face...

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You waited until you were 27 to do something you should have done when you were 6?

Not everyone has the Chance. It almost never snows here in Texas. It definitely never snows enough to build a snow man.

Some people do not live close enough to the snow to go and make one whenever they want.

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I don't know about where the OP lives, but I live in Australia and it NEVER snows anywhere near where I live, not even in winter. I've never even seen snow. Some people just don't have a chance to do these things.

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You're never too old to build a snowman, we built them all the time in college. Even Trey Parker and Matt Stone know you're never too old. Haven't you ever seen Cannibal the musical?

16 - dfw? I'm from Aus and have no idea what that means

I grew up in Florida, where it was practically headline news if it got below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And for some people, a snowy day is an excuse to revert to childhood and enjoy playing in the snow, so maybe that's what OP was doing. OP's brother sounds like a bully. This can't be the first time Big Bro has done something mean just to mess with him.

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36 - DFW is Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Someone said it didn't snow in Texas, and they said it did in DFW.

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I only saw snow for the first time last year, when I was 21. I live in South Africa; we had to drive over two hours to get to a snowy spot in the mountains. The snow was only ankle deep and had started melting since it was a sunny day but I built a teeny tiny snowman to celebrate :) I wish it was snowing now, today was 48 degrees Celsius (about 118 F).

You people from Texas, Australia and whatnot aren't missing anything. SNOW SUCKS. Believe me, I'm from Canada. I have to deal with 6 feet of it daily.

Ten thumbs up. I have to walk in that shit for work every time it snows. My sister loves snow, I get tempted to hit her every time she gets excited about it. I guess it's the whole wanting what you don't have thing, some people probably wish they could experience it just as much as I wish I'd never see it again...

65, I completely agree. I've only seen snow a couple times since I moved from Switzerland to California and I don't miss it that much.

or in Arkansas, at least not in the Ozarks. this year was an exception, though, because we had a massive snowstorm here. I hated every second of it, especially when we lost power.

I feel like it's necessary to know the gender of OP to truly assess this situation

I made snowmen when I was a kid.. With my whole family as a matter of fact

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8- Sexism man. If it was a girl who cried, it's okay. If it was a boy then he doesn't have any balls and is therefore free range for embarrassment.

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3 - Your profile info is correct. This time it's for 'stupid.'

Okay okay I see how what I commented was sexist.. I'm sorry I was stupid.

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only if you're a sexist asshole. if op is male they get to be upset and cry just as much as if they are female. **** off and stop trying to stunt men emotionally.

Those things are a lot of work. Personally I would be distraught if that happened to me.

His brother was being a good guy giving him the full snowman building experience

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I just built my first snowman last weekend and it took like 2 and a half hours! It was the same height as me and weighed more than me! If someone ruined it I would have been distraught... Haha. So I feel you OP

I live in Kent, too (well only for my studies), and was amazed at the amount of snow that fell, since I heard it's not very usual in England. I know the feeling, we did a beautiful snowman the other day with my roommates and not even 2 hours after that it was destroyed :(

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Be careful out there. Your garden is sno man's land. Emotions runs high, and the intensity is off the scales. You just dodged a snowball there.

Don't worry... he lives on in your heart, just waiting return next winter.

Oh no! :( Don't worry about your age! It's something you've wanted to do for (probably) a long time! Cheer up! You finally made a snowman! :3 Hurray!

Well, if I've learned anything from movies, it's that your snowman's ghost will haunt your brother forever. Don't worry :)