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  ropeandneck  |  7

In the newspaper "le journal de montreal", this morning, there's an article about a guy who's at the hospital right now because he tried to rape a snowman. be glad you don't live here, your snowman only got kicked.


I don't know about where the OP lives, but I live in Australia and it NEVER snows anywhere near where I live, not even in winter. I've never even seen snow. Some people just don't have a chance to do these things.

  icadragoon  |  11

You're never too old to build a snowman, we built them all the time in college. Even Trey Parker and Matt Stone know you're never too old. Haven't you ever seen Cannibal the musical?

  DanielleinDC  |  32

I grew up in Florida, where it was practically headline news if it got below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And for some people, a snowy day is an excuse to revert to childhood and enjoy playing in the snow, so maybe that's what OP was doing.

OP's brother sounds like a bully. This can't be the first time Big Bro has done something mean just to mess with him.

  MiloBear  |  11

I only saw snow for the first time last year, when I was 21. I live in South Africa; we had to drive over two hours to get to a snowy spot in the mountains. The snow was only ankle deep and had started melting since it was a sunny day but I built a teeny tiny snowman to celebrate :) I wish it was snowing now, today was 48 degrees Celsius (about 118 F).

  Axipiter  |  24

Ten thumbs up. I have to walk in that shit for work every time it snows. My sister loves snow, I get tempted to hit her every time she gets excited about it. I guess it's the whole wanting what you don't have thing, some people probably wish they could experience it just as much as I wish I'd never see it again...

  cmac86  |  23

or in Arkansas, at least not in the Ozarks. this year was an exception, though, because we had a massive snowstorm here. I hated every second of it, especially when we lost power.

  404wan  |  19

only if you're a sexist asshole. if op is male they get to be upset and cry just as much as if they are female. fuck off and stop trying to stunt men emotionally.


I just built my first snowman last weekend and it took like 2 and a half hours! It was the same height as me and weighed more than me! If someone ruined it I would have been distraught... Haha. So I feel you OP

By  sangria91_fml  |  5

I live in Kent, too (well only for my studies), and was amazed at the amount of snow that fell, since I heard it's not very usual in England. I know the feeling, we did a beautiful snowman the other day with my roommates and not even 2 hours after that it was destroyed :(

By  oj101  |  33

Be careful out there. Your garden is sno man's land. Emotions runs high, and the intensity is off the scales. You just dodged a snowball there.

By  Gunnie  |  24

Oh no! :( Don't worry about your age! It's something you've wanted to do for (probably) a long time! Cheer up! You finally made a snowman! :3 Hurray!