By duncanisgey - 04/03/2011 22:57 - Canada

Today, I rushed my dog to the vet because he was foaming at the mouth. I returned home with a bill for $200 and a dog who apparently has a thing for marshmallows. FML
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It could have been worse. You could have received a $200 to put it down.

you dog can reach the cubbord?


lol. same thing happened to my cat. =P but only had to pay 90$$

<----loves marshmallows, but he doesn't get foamy.

ur a fucking retard the dog was foaming cuz it ate the marshmallows not he couldn't tell between foam and a fucking marshmallow on the dogs face

Fuck Fuck FUCK!!

calm your tots children. use you brain: the dog loved marshmallows so much that he started foaming at the mouth... kind of like drooling. duh.

lol how do the marshmallows get 'foamy'??

I'm about to be banned :( sorry guys. FML commenters are always hating on me when I'm pretty smart really..

Nope; just avoid saying anything unduly stupid, and it's all good. :-)

<~~~~~~~eats everything, literally everything and nothing gets him foamy :)

this I is my first comment on FML and I was just wondering when u write a FML do u write FML or would they put it in for u if u mess up

@MrDiablo96: Yep, as long as your spelling/grammar isn't too horrible, we'll correct it for you if we like your FML.

I don't understand what you mean, I'm a really smart guy.

Oh god here we go....

Yo leedivinchi, then why in the name of Christ did you just come in here out of nowhere saying you were about to be banned? Obviously you did SOMETHING stupid, so shut your face while you still have one, cock-jockey. No offence intended to anyone, obviously.

Lol KaySL I honestly don't fucking understand why some of your comments aren't modded.

My friend, it's because I tow the line, often perilously closely. Why I remember the one time I likened DocBastard's face to a pregnant, constipated and homosexual va-- well, I got my supple arse handed to me on a silver platter is all I'm saying. Anything more would be embarrassing.

While I still have one? who the fuck is gonna take it off you idiot. and it's cause I was moderated. the post was a test to see if I could still post dumbass. you should probably be a bit nicer before you talk to somebody like that in person and they kick you face in.

Get this kid! Such misplaced pride and inflated sense of self-worth. Thanks for the laugh, you glorified skid-mark on humanity's underwear. I can die with a mildly erotic smirk on my face now.

#89: I'm going to rip it off. I'm sick of this cute girl image.

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hahaha this is a long comment thread, no?

Lol, I think I can handle a 12 year old. One bitch slap will probably knock you out :')

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wtf does any of that even MEAN? I'm so confused right now

That's probably not a rare occurrence for you, lee.

KaySl I like the mandatory IQ test idea

you put " FML "

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Continue on guys. This is great. But to add my opinion, lee, why in the world would you feel the need to tell the world your account "is about to be banned"? honestly, I'd be surprised if anyone else cared.

damnn well dont buy marshmallows and get him some treats lol

really? don't buy marshmallows? that is just stupid. get a lock on your pantry?

it wasnt a marshmallow it was a CUM-tastic treat

you dog can reach the cubbord?

dogs have an amazing ability to get things they arnt allowed to have..I should know

are you a dog?

It could have been worse. You could have received a $200 to put it down.

very true. think positive! ^_^

why were you feeding your dog marshmallows?

Maybe he WASN'T feeding his dog marshmallows.

If he was feeding him, he probably would have known- don't you think....?!!

hahahahahaha fail xD

taking your pet to the vet can be very expensive most of the time

Well no shit ;)

captain obvious here

next time put the marshmallows in the cupboard, not lying around on the table

$200? :O FYL. But hey, at least your dog is alright :)

wow maybe u should lock the marshmallows lmao

thats why you lock em in a cabinet.

LOL #14 you're fucking stupid xD

ya you lock the marshmellows bag.