By Anonymous / Tuesday 30 December 2015 01:07 / United States - Bend
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  Rei_Ayanami  |  18

Saying you took an arrow to the knee does not actually mean they got married. The question was posed to the man who made that line, he meant a literal arrow hit then in the knee, causing serious and irreparable damage, causing then to be a guard.

By  Baustigt  |  40

At least now you can look badass when you tell all your friends. When my older sister went skiing, she flew straight into a snow drift and cowered there for the rest of the day, while streams and streams of small children skied past her. Nothing badass about that story.

By  jen1097  |  25

With someone who actually has a condition which causes my patella to dislocate continuously over the slightest thing, I feel your pain. Honestly though, I think it would be much worse for you, as it isn't a regular occurrence. Hope you're alright


Today, my hatred for IKEA reignited when I rammed my knee into my hotel bathroom's plexiglass counter top while I was drying myself off. Their interior designer must have have been suffering brain damage when she matched everything with the floor tiles. FML

By Skyra - / Friday 2 March 2012 21:06 / Portugal
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