By BlazefireSaber - 07/07/2015 03:59 - United States - Norfolk

Today, I'm sitting in the ER with a broken finger, all because I beat my little brother in a Wii game. He ran over and twisted my finger, saying, "Now how are you going to beat me, cunt?" FML
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Did you answer with "with my unbroken fist"?

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You still won the most important victory. Never forget it.


19990231 29

You still won the most important victory. Never forget it.

I would of beaten his little ass broken finger or not. Where does this little disrespectful boy think any of this is okay? I hope your parents seriously do something about this. Hope your finger heals okay!

Ah the blinding rage that comes with gaming addiction. Your parents gave him a time out yes? That's not gonna work. It's time to go Asian on his ass.

Did you answer with "with my unbroken fist"?

unfortunately op probably screamed bone pain is one of the worst kinds of pain I just really hope the brother gets in serious trouble; l, if he broke it worse or even made the bone go through the skin op could have gone into shock or needed surgery.

Having broken many fingers playing basket ball (one requiring surgery to have pins placed in it) I find it is more annoying than painful.

You're getting down voted, for some reason, but I agree with you. Some peoples kids have serious issues.

Some kids are little psychopaths.. yet they seem so innocent. na uhhh.

I personally down voted because you took my comment too seriously.

I have no idea what you're talking about #36

Fun fact: kids have always been disrespectful. It's not a new thing these days.

I think we're just diluting our generations. Disrespectful adults are breeding and creating mini monsters because the parents don't know or care how to be respectful. It's a chain that's going to end badly

most kids are psychopaths but not like diagnosed psychos more like feeling and understanding of the feelings haven't developed but mostly they are creepy little weirdos until they grow up

Were you playing Mario Kart Wii or Mario Party be any chance?

no no no Smah Bros was after he broke her finger (although that may have been the joke you where making)

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85- You started off strong but the bit in the parenthesis kinda killed it..

I swear I would have kicked the shit out of that kid. that is what I would do to that kid

That's a wii bit of an over reaction on his part. Hopefully he got that ass whooping of his life both in and out of the game. Sometimes that's the only way to teach a kid something . Good luck op.

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One broken finger shouldn't stop you from beating the crap out of a younger brat. A kick to the groin, then a knee up his chest should do the trick.

Haha, i like the way you think. You do some sorts of MA, dont you?

Bah! With my knowledge of over 108 fighting styles I don't need to fight dirty like you do!

I like that you not only gave a general suggestion, but really specific instructions. Well done!

That's a wii bit violent. Just hide all the remotes.

the gamer life can get rough sometimes